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Web-Based Inventory Management

Inventory Management is a challenging task. The complexity of managing receipts, put-away, counting, orders, picking, packing and shipping would be difficult enough alone, but your business is always changing. New products, new customers, new locations, new employees all add to the complexity. A web-based inventory management system is uniquely suited to help you manage this complexity.

SmartTurn is the proven leader in web-based inventory management solutions that increase the visibility and control of inventory moving through purchasing, receiving, fulfillment, and shipping. By automating key inventory processes, SmartTurn enables you to achieve operational warehouse improvements, while maximizing customer service levels.

Intuitive and easy to use

Because SmartTurn is true web-based inventory management, users can intuitively perform their daily operations over the Internet with the click of a mouse. Whether it's using a PC or barcode reader or processing orders or managing shipments and cycle counts, employees quickly learn the web-based interface.

Real-time accessibility

SmartTurn's inventory control software delivers a single, real-time view of all your inventory data 24/7 through a centralized system that maintains inventory accuracy across multiple facilities and locations. Because data resides in a single centralized system, no data moves from one inventory management system to another, regardless of how many warehouses and products you manage.

Improve customer service

SmartTurn's web-based inventory management system provides complete inventory visibility and information necessary to expedite the shipment of goods to customers and meet customer commitments. You can provide your customers and trading partners with web-based access to whatever you want to share — at no additional cost to you.

Affordable solution with immediate ROI

Significantly lower than traditional on-premise WMS systems, SmartTurn Web-based inventory management packages begin at $500/month and can be implemented in a matter of weeks. By increasing shipment accuracy, reducing manual labor, and reducing inventory carrying costs, companies see a return on investment in as little as 30 days.

Secure new business

With its robust and powerful features, SmartTurn's web-based inventory management system is aneffective sales tool for 3PLs looking to win new clients, even low margin clients while still generating positive cash flow.

Hassle and maintenance free

Because this is web-based inventory management, SmartTurn handles all system performance, upgrades, and maintenance unlike costly and resource dependent traditional on-premise software. In addition, SmartTurn is continually improving and you get the benefit of those changes as soon as they're available — no upgrade planning, data migration issues, or consulting fees.

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