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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Succeeding in today's competitive environment requires warehouses to guarantee customer and supplier satisfaction by providing accurate and profitable warehouse processes associated with productivity. Outdated software applications, poor system integration, bad accounting and poor inventory control systems can result in a lack of inventory visibility and control.

These challenges can prevent warehouse operators from increasing their profitability within and beyond the four walls of a location or multiple warehouses. However, choosing the right warehouse management system not only increases inventory accuracy from 91% to 99%, but save companies thousands of dollars each month.

SmartTurn, a proven leader in warehouse management systems, helps warehouse operators avoid these challenges that prohibit bottom-line savings. The SmartTurn™ Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides complete visibility on the quantity, location, and status of inventory flowing in and out of a location or multiple warehouses. Designed for quick implementation and ease-of-use, the SmartTurn Warehouse Management System on-demand solution, improves employee productivity, reduces inventory costs, and increases customer satisfaction. By implementing SmartTurn's WMS system operators can automate and manage their inventory warehouse process through one web-based inventory management system.

Warehouse Management System Features:

Multi-Warehouse Management

Centralize visibility and standardize management of business processes across multiple locations, sites and warehouses.

Inbound Order Management

Control your spending with SmartTurn's inbound order (purchasing) management.

Receiving Operations

Receive a shipment against an inbound order with one click. Enter blind receipts or automate receiving using mobile scanning devices.

Express Shipments

Create a sales order and a shipment in one easy step.

Real-time Inventory Visibility

View real-time inventory levels, create reports, and export your data to a spreadsheet for analysis.

Inventory Management

Easily adjust, edit, and transfer inventory items to maintain inventory accuracy and ensure your ability to ship against customer expectations. Establish minimum quantities which flag items for the stockout report.

Item Master Setup

Create master records and rules for all product in your warehouse to streamline purchasing, receiving, and shipping and to reduce data entry.

License Plates

Use license plate functionality to manage lots, pallet IDs, or any group of items that need specialized tracking or need to be processed together.

Mobile Computing

Take key warehouse functions like receiving, picking, cycle counting, shipping and others and put them in the palm of your workforce's hands. Mobility puts the right information in front of the right person.

Data Import/Export

Export inventory reports, shipment lists, and other functions to create reports in Excel, Word, or PDF to share and email with others. Import key data like item masters, customer and vendor masters to avoid data entry and streamline implementations and mass changes.

System Configuration

Easily configure the flow of information in SmartTurn by customizing field names, field placements, default data, page layouts, and informational business rules.


Easily administer the entire warehouse management software system from one place with intuitive screens for managing users, customers, vendors, security, master data and system configuration.


Generate inventory, shipping, put-away, picking, and other functional reports and easily share them with other interested internal or external parties. View stock-out reports when creating an order.

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