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Increase Shipping Accuracy


Deliver the service excellence customers deserve while keeping warehouse shipping costs under control. The SmartTurn™ warehouse shipping system eliminates the need for warehouse staff to "double-check" item availability before every shipment.

The SmartTurn inventory management software is an on-demand, web-based shipping solution that helps companies increase order throughput, accuracy, and speed by streamlining the picking and shipping process from when the order is received. Seamless integration between all processes means everyone from sales to warehouse shipping has access to the same up-to-the minute order information, thereby ensuring orders are filled correctly with the right products and shipped on time.

Companies using the SmartTurn WMS system can attain the 'perfect order' which results in higher customer satisfaction. In addition, inventory levels are automatically updated into the system after each shipment is sent to ensure accurate, real-time inventory visibility and control.

  • Streamline warehouse shipping operations
  • Decrease expedited warehouse shipping costs
  • Reduce fulfillment cycle times
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Manage and view shipments across multiple warehouses
  • View and export shipment reports across status, customers, due dates, ship dates
  • Generate pick tickets and shipping documents directly from the sales order
  • Provide default picking locations to floor operators
  • Pick and ship items by various attributes
  • Pre-populate customer information when an order is ready to be shipped
  • Determine which warehouse to fulfill orders from
  • Automate billing upon shipment

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