On-Demand Inventory and Warehouse Management Solutions


Simplify the Warehouse Receiving and Put-away Process


Controlling inventory accuracy begins with a highly effective warehouse receiving and put-away environment that allows for greater control in fulfilling customer orders quickly. SmartTurn™ helps companies accelerate the inventory receipt and put-away process from the dock to preferred locations faster with less work.

The SmartTurn Inventory and Warehouse Management System is an on-demand, web-based solution that automates the warehouse receiving and put-away process by matching the receipt of goods received to the original purchase order. With SmartTurn, the put-away process can be configured to instruct warehouse receiving workers where to store goods either in a default location or by choice. This feature contributes to greater control in the allocation of resources and facilitates a timely order-picking environment for warehouse staff.

Finally, when the receipt is processed, the SmartTurn system automatically updates and adjusts stock-levels received thereby maintaining up-to-date online inventory control information. As a result, purchasing, sales, and warehouse managers have access to the same up-to-date order fulfillment information.

  • Enhance productivity
  • Eliminate labor intensive procedures
  • Move goods faster with less work
  • Automate the warehouse receiving and put-away process
  • Maintain real-time inventory accuracy
  • Fulfill customer orders quickly
  • Receive against multiple purchase orders simultaneously
  • Receive by purchase order, by product, or without a purchase order(blind receipt)
  • Automatically assign inventory to a location for put-away
  • Store products in unique or multiple locations based on bin/inventory characteristics
  • Assign license plates to items upon receipt
  • Update inventory levels automatically upon receipt
  • View all receipts or customize views by filtering on selected criteria
  • View or export receipt details and history with a click of a button
  • Trigger a vendor payment upon receipt

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