On-Demand Inventory and Warehouse Management Solutions


Integrate the Purchasing and Inventory Control Process


Your company's purchasing decisions directly impact how you control and manage accurate inventory levels. To better track and control inventory purchasing, SmartTurn™ streamlines the purchasing and inventory control process, so you can reduce unwanted carrying costs and replenish inventory levels when expected.

The SmartTurn Inventory and Warehouse Management System is an on-demand, inventory management software that enables warehouse operators to centrally manage and control the process of purchasing inventory items across multiple warehouses or within a single location. Designed to enhance inventory item visibility and control, the SmartTurn solution streamlines your purchasing operations by electronically connecting your organization to real-time inventory information. This means timely purchasing information, greater accuracy, and better warehouse management, so inventory items can be purchased with confidence; goods can be replenished when expected; and orders can be managed without error.

In addition to streamlining the purchasing and inventory control process, the SmartTurn system easily integrates with existing accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Sage, and Great Plains, thereby maintaining the transfer of accurate inventory data between applications while eliminating the possibility of costly data duplication errors.

  • Centralize purchasing and budget management
  • Enhance supplier management and information sharing
  • Automate purchase order generation
  • Reduce duplication, administration, and overhead costs
  • Enter, track, and review history of purchase orders
  • Create purchase orders for multiple warehouses
  • Pre-populate supplier and inventory details
  • Integrate purchasing with receiving operations
  • Reconcile POs with actual receipts
  • Source suppliers from historical performance-based rating system
  • Generate customized purchasing and supplier reports

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