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Online Inventory Control

Managing inventory using paper-based systems, Excel files and even traditional enterprise software is a costly and resource-intensive approach that may not even address the appropriate issues for most businesses. SmartTurn's web-based approach provides reliable, low-cost inventory control software that creates unprecedented capabilities for supply chain collaboration. SmartTurn's online inventory control can be implemented the inventory at various locations and easily integrated with your existing systems.

Paper-based inventory control is limited

Paper-based systems are rigid and labor intensive especially as your business scales with additional facilities. With the flexibility of an online inventory control system, a few clicks of the mouse is all it takes to configure SmartTurn's online inventory control as the number of items, customers, partners and facilities expand.

Spreadsheet-based inventory control is error prone

Ideal for low volume, limited warehouse operations, spreadsheets are often full of errors and lack real-time updates. In addition, spreadsheets do not automatically track history creating potential problems for billing and dispute resolution. SmartTurn's online inventory control system provides a centralized approach where business data is stored and automatically monitored, providing a wealth of information.

Traditional enterprise software is time and resource intensive

On-premise software is often bloated software within a rigid framework requiring significant IT resources. Initial implementation and integration can take months, with ongoing upgrades requiring additional resources over time. SmartTurn's online inventory system not only can be implemented in a matter of weeks and easily integrates with back-end systems, but provides your company with the latest features with automatic upgrades.

Online inventory control is the only way to run your business

Online inventory controls not only address the problems associated with paper-based systems, Excel files and on-premise software, but provide inherent flexibility. Online inventory control strengthens supply chain collaboration by leveraging the Internet across a supply chain network. SmartTurn's online inventory control system provides businesses with an option that was previously out of reach — access to a world-class WMS system with real-time inventory visibility and collaboration.

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