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SmartTurn’s Kitting Manager
If you are a light manufacturer, 3PL or simply doing batch or mass customization for your customers in your warehouse, SmartTurn’s Kitting Manager surpasses more expensive systems. Build unlimited, multi-level Bills-of-Materials (BOM) with an unlimited number of recipes or configurations which can be changed on the fly. With real-time availability-to-promise (ATP) you can designate automatic inventory allocation as kits are created or planned.

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SmartTurn’s Billing Manager
Specially designed for 3PLs, wholesale and distribution who bill customers for value added services. SmartTurn’s no-cost option allows you to quickly gather billing information and bill customers to improve your accounts receivable. You can use SmartTurn’s billing templates or export data directly into your accounting package. Our more advanced 3PL users are able to show customer costs in real-time, truly leveraging software-as-a-service for transparency and collaboration with customers.

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SmartTurn Inventory Gadgets
WMS 2.0 technologies allow you to do next generation warehouse and IT practices without the expense. Designed with Google’s popular gadget platform, you can view or share inventory and warehouse metrics with everyone in your organization, customers or trading partners. Set permissions easily and share inventory information in real-time anytime, with anyone from any warehouse. Drag gadgets onto your desktop or Smartphone.

SmartTurn Gadgets

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