On-Demand Inventory and Warehouse Management Solutions


SmartTurn Inventory and Warehouse Management Feature List

 Inbound Order Management
 Inventory Control Management
 Outbound Order Management
      Approval Process
      By Item, Serial #, Lot #, Location
      Available to Promise
      Available to Promise
      By Group, Vendor, Description
      Dispatch Process
      Adjust from One or Many Locations
      History Tracking
      Groups / Categories
      Single Item / Many Items at Same Time
      Item Cost Visibility
      History Tracking
      Item Price Overriding
      Item Cost Overriding
      Bulk Transfer Items
      Reopen SO
      PO Duplicating
      By Group, Vendor, Description
      SO Duplicating
      Reorder Points
      By Item, Serial #, Lot #, Location
      Trading Partner Management
      Stockout Ordering
      Move to One or Many Locations
      Trading Partner Management
      Find Overstock Locations to Pick From
      Resumeable Counts
      Custom Pick Policy Creation
      License Plate (creation and assignment)
      Track Counted and Non-Counted Items
         By Warehouse, Trading Partner
      Location Capacity Checking
      Create your own Cycle Count List*
         Pick by Item, Lot, Serial, Location
      Lot #, Serial #, Expire/Receipt Date Tracking
         By Custom Cycle Count Policies
      Custom Pick Policy Override
      Putaway to Assigned Locations
         By Rcpt/Expire Date, Last Counted Date
      Picking Policies *
      Putaway to One/Many Locations
         By Location, Class, Group
      Receive without a PO
      Ship by License Types (optional)
      Trading Partner Management
      Create / Edit / Activate / Deactivate
         Item must have License to Ship
 Inventory Reports
      Single / Multiple Item Assigning
         Item can't ship if License Attached
      License Types (optional)
         Warning if Shipped with License
      By Custom Fields, Trading Partner
         Item must have License to Ship
      Save Shipments for Later Delivery
      By Item, Serial#, Lot#, License#
         Item can't ship if License Attached
      Ship from Alternate Locations
      By Location, Group, Products
         Warning if Shipped with License
      Ship from One / Multiple Locations
      Picture URL Links
 Mobile (RF) Computing
      Ship without a Sales Order
   Report Actions
      Trading Partner Management
      View, Adjust, Bin Move, Edit
      License Plate (creation and assignment)
   Advanced Reports
      Lot #, Serial #, Expiration Date Tracking
      Estimated Shipping Charge
      Inventory Stockout
      Receive Purchase Order
      Carriers Supported
      Receive without a PO
         DHL ±
      Trading Partner Management
         Endicia +
      Single Warehouse Item View
      Multiple Warehouse Item View
      Bin Moves / Location Transfers
      Custom Cycle Count Fields
      Validate Pick / Cycle Count Policies
      Cycle Counting
         Trading Partner
      Real-Time Reports (Unlimited Combinations)
      Inventory Adjustments
      Postage Printing +
      Label Printing
         Cycle Counts / Uncounted
      Lot #, Serial #, Expire/Receipt Date Tracking
      Package Count
         Damaged / Good / Fair Items
      Owner / Broker / Carrier Assigning
      Total vs. Actual Shipping Weight
         Dead Stock
      Ship by License Plate
      URL Tracking
         Expired Items / Close to Expiration
      Ship in One / Many Unit of Measures
         High Dollar / Low Dollar
      Ship Sales Order
      Create Your Own Parcel Policy
         Inventory Valuation
      Ship without Sales Order
         By Warehouse, Customer, Carrier
         Old Stock / New Stock
         Any combination of the above
         Recalls / Returns
      Custom Policy Override
         Reserve / Pick Location
      By Bill of Lading / Container
         Unlicensed/Licensed Items
      By Custom Fields
      Void Entire Shipment
         Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
      By License, Location, Serial#, Lot#
      Void Line Items on Shipment
 Item / Location Management
      By Receipt Date, Expire date
      By Trading Partner, User
      Item Types and Groups
      Add/Delete/Move Fields
      Lot # and Serial # Control
      By Cycle Count Date, Reason Code
      Require Data in Fields
      Material Handling ABC Class
      By Expire Date, Adjust Date, Transfer Date
      Inbound Process Flow
      Picture URL Linking
      By Location, Cost, etc.
      Inventory Process Flow
      Preferred Vendor Linking
      By Serial # / Lot #, User, Trading Partner
      Outbound Process Flow
      Sellable Yes/No Flag
      Complete Tracking from Inbound to Outbound
      By Customer, BOL, Container, Dates
   Custom Field Process Requirements
      By Receiving, Inventory, Shipping UoM
      By License, Order Status, Item Status
      Pre-populate data
      By Billing, Weight UoM
      By Location, Order #, Custom Fields
      Populate on Save
      Measure in Eaches, Pallets, Cases, Gallons
      By Parcels, Voided Items
      Make it Required
      Define your own Units of Measure
      By Ship Date, Due Date, etc.
      Create Constant Value
         By Process Flow
      By User, Item, Serial #, Lot #, Expire Date
   Custom Field Types
         Receive and Ship in Multiple UoM
      Currency, Date/Time, List, Memo
      Adjust, Transfer or Count in Multiple UoM
      Number, Text, Yes/No
      Admin Lock / Hold / Discontinued
      Add Fields to Document Headers
      Default Pick Location Assignment
      Add Fields to Table Views
      Default Putaway Assignment
      Rename / Resize Fields
      Multiple Warehouses per Item
 Import / Export
      Create Column Sort Order
      Reorder Points
      Activate / Deactivate
      Reorder Quantities
      Import Business Accounts
 Inventory Manager Capabilities *
      Import Business Contacts
      Adjustable, Putaway, Pickable, Owned
      Import Items
      Inventory Managers *
      Capacity Location Limits
      Import License Numbers
      Cycle Counts *
      Custom Location Naming
      Import Locations
      Picking *
      Transaction Capacity Checking
      Import Purchase Orders
 Security & Role Management *
      Import Receipts
      Policy Creation, Editing
      Import Sales Orders
      By Broker, Owner, Vendor
      15 Default Roles Created
      Import Shipments
      By License#, Location, Serial#, Lot#
      Activate / Deactivate Roles
      By Condition, Group, Details
      Copy / Duplicate Roles
      Export Adjustments
      By Last Cycle Count / Expire Date
      Role Permissions (Unlimited Combinations)
      Export Available To Promise
      By Item Cost, Item #, Product #
         By Job, Company, Process, Warehouse
      Export Bin Transfers
      By Total Qty, Licensed Qty, Description
         By Owner, Cust, Vendor, Carrier, Broker
      Export Cycle Counts
         By Module, Sub module, Role, User
      Export Inventory Reports
      Standard Picking Policies
      Unlimited Users
      Export Owner/Consigned Stock
         Password Control, Set Expiration Dates
      Export Parcel Shipments
      Custom Pick Policy Creation or Override
      Export Purchase Orders
      By Warehouse, Customer, Owner
      Export Receipts
      Any combination of the above
      AR / AP Integration
      Export Sales Orders
      By 30 Different Attributes
      Export Shipments
      By Custom Field Attributes
         Microsoft Dynamics-GP
      Export Stockouts
 Business Affiliates
      Export Voided Shipments
         Oracle E-Business Suite
      24-Hour Global Access For All
      Add / Edit Trading Partner Accounts
         QuickBooks 2002-2008
      Inbound/Outbound Transaction Log
      Multi-Contact Information
            Enterprise, Pro and Online Editions
      Real Time Item Availability
      Sage MAS 90/200/500
      Single or Multi-Warehouse Views
      Multi-Address Support
      SAP ERP
      Pending Tasks, Statuses
      Main/Ship To/Ship From/Bill To/Pay To
      Trading Partner Account Access
      Set Time Zone
* Over 1 Billion Combinations
+ Separate account required
± No longer supported for US customers, Limited International Support