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  • Kayne Partners Invests $15M in DiCentral. dicentral.com - Oct 04, 2016 “DiCentral Corporation, a leading innovator in supply chain management solutions and B2B integration, today announces the completion of $15 million in Series A financing. This investment was led by Kayne Partners, the growth private equity group of Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, L.P., an investment firm managing over $23 billion in assets.”
  • DiCentral’s B2B Integration Solution Helps Reduce LongLat’s Order Fulfillment Process by 15 Percent dicentral.com - Sep 28, 2016 “DiCentral, a leading innovator in B2B integration solutions, announced today that LongLat, Inc. one of the largest manufacturers of second generation luggage, selected DiCentral’s EDI-integrated solutions to help the company comply with retailer guidelines and automate order processing.”
  • Dicentral’s Inventory Control and Order Management Solution Enables Magoformers’ Omni-Channel Dropship Program dicentral.com - Aug 31, 2016 “Magformers, an industry leader in magnetic building toys for children, chose DiCentral, a leading innovator in supply chain management and B2B integration solutions, to implement an inventory control and order management solution to help them comply with retailer guidelines and automate large volumes of orders.”
  • DiCentral Named 2016 Great Supply Chain Partner Winner by SupplyChainBrain dicentral.com - July 05, 2016 “DiCentral, a leading innovator in supply chain management solutions and B2B integration, announced today that the company has been selected by SupplyChainBrain magazine, the world’s most comprehensive supply chain management information resource, as a 2016 Great Supply Chain Partner.”
  • DiCentral partners with the University of Tennessee’s Global Supply Chain Institute on Supply Chain Study dicentral.com - April 13, 2016 “New research released today from the University of Tennessee’s Global Supply Chain Institute, in collaboration with leading B2B integration provider DiCentral, discovered the supply chain trends, issues and challenges expected in 2016 and beyond. The survey of over 200 organizations from a wide range of industries asked respondents to weigh in on such issues as inventory visibility, supply chain costs, new ERP integration, responsiveness to customer demands, and more.”
  • DiCentral Wins Stevie Award for Sales & Customer Service dicentral.com - March 04, 2016 “DiCentral Inc a leading innovator in supply chain management solutions and B2B integration, today announced that The Stevie Awards has recognized DiCentral for the fourth consecutive year. This year, DiCentral was recognized as a leading Customer Service Department.”
  • DiCentral acquires SmartTurn WMS from JDALogistics Management - April 09, 2014“Earlier this week, DiCentral Inc., a provider of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) software and service for supply chain, said it has acquired SmartTurn, an on-demand WMS (Warehouse Management System) from JDA.”   
  • iPad in the Supply ChainSupply & Demand Chain Executive - August/September 2010“Markley Enterprises uses Apple's innovative new tablet to drive productivity gains in the warehouse.”   
  • The Apple In The Supply ChainManufacturing.net - August 6, 2010“With a cloud-based system, you immediately take the platform out of the equation because as long as you can access the internet with a browser, it’s basically the same as when working on a PC or a Mac.”   
  • Supply Chain Software: On-demand WMS is looking up... Sort ofModern Materials Handling - July 31, 2010“Conventional wisdom says the target customer for a SaaS solution is the small-to-mid-size company. They don't have the IT horsepower or the financial resources to implement a best-of-breed WMS. While that may still hold true, Steve Banker [ARC Advisory Group] now believes that big sophisticated companies are candidates for a stripped-down on-demand WMS as well. The big players will spend millions to put a sophisticated solution into their primary DCs, but they also have smaller warehouses that just don't have the volume to justify the investment in a Tier 1 solution.”   
  • Is that an iPad in your warehouse?DC Velocity - July 26, 2010“Since implementing the warehouse management system, the company has seen significant performance gains in all of the critical areas of its operation. Its inventory accuracy rate, for instance, now stands at over 99 percent. The company has also seen the time needed to pick and pack an order drop by almost a third.”   
  • Chasing the CloudWERCSheet - July-August, 2010“What you'll see evolve over the next ten years or so, is a very strong Cloud, SaaS supply chain platform and assortment of applications, some of which other functional IT areas have but are not yet available for the supply chain.”   
  • WMS market headed for a splitDC Velocity - July 16, 2010“I don't foresee the Corolla vendors making significant inroads into the Lexus players' market share in terms of revenue dollars. But I'll bet it will be a very different story when you look at each group's share of total WMS installations. By that measure, at least, it's likely that within a few years, the on-demand players will have pulled way out ahead of the competition.”   
  • Apple Backs into Manufacturing via Supply Chain ExecutionManaging Automation - June 22, 2010“Instead of jotting down notes with a pen and paper and then walking to a terminal to log put-away locations, operators tap their iPad screens and enter the data into the company's RedPrairie warehouse management system on the spot. The system updates in real time, allowing other workers to see put-away locations immediately.”   
  • RedPrairie User Conference Video Review and CommentSCDigest - May 20, 2010“SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore overviews the highlights from RedPrairie's RedShift User Conference in Orlando.”   
  • RedPrairie Expands Its Reach into the Cloud with Addition of On-demand WMS from SmartTurnSupply & Demand Chain Executive - May 19, 2010“The deal gives Waukesha, Wis.-based RedPrairie the ability to offer a warehouse productivity solution for distribution operations of practically any size or level of complexity. RedPrairie had traditionally targeted its E2eT productivity suite at larger operations, while the multi-tenant software-as-a-service (SaaS) WMS from SmartTurn is a logical choice for smaller operations or large companies looking for a tool to manage a smaller locations within their network.”   
  • Pharma supplier gets records in ship shapeDC Velocity - May 14, 2010“The price and flexibility of the system as well as the people we work with at SmartTurn have been fantastic,” Mark Galluzzo of West International says. “I have done a lot of software implementations and it can be painful. But this has been an absolute pleasure.”   
  • RedPrairie buys SmartTurnDC Velocity - May 12, 2010“SmartTurn's product will be rebranded as RedPrairie's On-Demand WMS and will focus on less complex distribution operations with rapid implementation demands and flexible pricing model requirements.”   
  • RedPrairie Acquires On-Demand WMS Vendor SmartTurnSCDigest - May 11, 2010“The acquisition by the much larger RedPrairie may accelerate the adoption of inventory control by large enterprises to small nodes in their supply chains.”   
  • RedPrairie Acquires SmartTurn, Targets SMBsManaging Automation - May 11, 2010“RedPrairie was drawn to SmartTurn because of its software-as-a-service capability and its position in the small and medium-sized business market.”   
  • WMS and Inventory Management Provider SmartTurn Acquired by RedPrairieSupply Chain Matters - May 11, 2010“RedPrairie announced that it had completed the acquisition of WMS provider SmartTurn, which in our view is yet another indication of the increasing attractiveness of on-demand and hosted supply chain technology.”   
  • USA Cycling Shifts Inventory Management into High Gear with Web-based WMSSupply & Demand Chain Executive - April 27, 2010“USA Cycling staff members have all the tools to make key decisions right at their fingertips. They can manage inventory processes and receive up-to-date information in real time whether they're in the office or on the race track.”   
  • Getting the Right StuffBeverage World - April 7, 2010“Jim Burleigh says it is important to know what kind of SaaS WMS provider you are getting. Single tenant SaaS is a proprietary WMS solution built just for your company, but hosted by an outside firm and accessed by you via the internet. A multi-tenant SaaS, like SmartTurn, is where many customers log into a single version of the software.”   
  • Inbound Logistics Announces Logistics IT 100Inbound Logistics - April, 2010“SmartTurn named an Inbound Logistics Top 100 Logistics IT Provider for 2010.”   
  • The Paradox of Supply Chain RiskSupply & Demand Chain Executive - March 30, 2010“The company approached this challenge by deploying a software-as-a-service, subscription-based warehouse management system from SmartTurn, which allows Komyo to manage its more than 2 million square feet of warehouse space effectively without requiring the $100,000 minimum investment Rick Franklin figured would be necessary to put in a traditional server-based solution.”   
  • For Better or Worse: Making WMS DecisionsMaterial Handling Management - March, 2010“Inventory traceability is the foundation of material handling efficiency for any company. Storing and allocating hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of materials and inventory is a huge responsibility, and improperly handled materials can result in lost, damaged or stolen property and ultimately financial loss and poor reputation.”   
  • DeepDive: Technology Directions - A Return to Basic ProcessesManaging Automation - March, 2010“The thing we're finding is that customers do not have an objection to going to SmartTurn and creating or generating their own reports, looking at their own inventory. They like that, because they get what they want when they want it, and they don't have to wait for whatever we give them. They can put it in their own format.”   
  • West International Medical Supplies Cruises to Competitive Advantage with SaaS WMSSupply & Demand Chain Executive - February 24, 2010“With the major cruise lines located in Florida, locale and compliance are significant issues for us and our competitors. SmartTurn's WMS not only addressed the needs of our customers, but has become our competitive advantage.”   
  • The Key Logistics Issues in Life SciencesSupplyChainBrain - February 1, 2010“Jim Burleigh, chief executive officer of SmartTurn, talks about the challenges faced by small and medium-sized companies in a time of tight budgets, slow demand and stricter government regulations.”   
  • Web-Based WMS Solutions Drive Automotive Supply Chain EfficiencyInbound Logistics - February, 2010“The U.S. auto industry is facing the greatest adversity in its history. One segment of the industry, however, has thrived — aftermarket auto parts. This segment has grown exponentially during the economic downturn, as consumers have been forced to repair their aging vehicles instead of buying new ones.”   
  • Electric ChargeBeverage World - January 14, 2010“Basic voice picking and barcode scanning can bring smaller distributors immediate benefits when it comes to recording and tracking products and eliminating picking errors. That's where the biggest win is for folks in automation today. I'm thinking of a beer distributor that isn't quite 100,000 square feet, these guys are running on paper. They need to realize that they can affordably and effectively apply the automation that is not as cool and cutting edge, but is now cheap enough and available enough that they can put it into a facility like that.”   
  • WMS Update: Where the Market Is Headed in 2010Supply & Demand Chain Executive - January, 2010“For those who do not have an effective strategy for managing their supply chains, they will continue to make kneejerk reactions that will result in inefficiencies, lost sales, and more importantly, declining market share.”   
  • Five Tech Trends for 2010Cargo Business News - January, 2010“To stay competitive, companies are embracing the most innovative technology. A typical warehouse can save money and produces a positive ROI in as little as 30 days using SmartTurn.”   
  • A Small But Mighty Success Story: Grayling Industries used software to match inventory to demand and saved $100,000IndustryWeek - December 16, 2009“Carlos Rubio estimates that his company has saved $500,000 this year alone by using SmartTurn software to match inventory to demand.”   
  • Food Traceability: Supply Chain's Feast or FamineSupply Chain Digest - December 7, 2009“From the farm to the dining room table, retailers and logistics companies alike have implemented some form of traceability system. And, understandably, the vast numbers of businesses today are even more sensitive when discussions about a system-wide tracking system arise in an uncertain economy. Conversely, this also explains why less than 30% of warehouses in North America have an inventory management system in place. The consequence is that most companies have no visibility into their supply chain, let alone traceability.”   
  • Food Logistics Magazine Announces Sixth Annual FL100Food Logistics Magazine - December, 2009“Each year, the editors of Food Logistics recognize 100 technology and solution providers that help grocery and foodservice distributors and manufacturers reach their business goals. This year, the magazine focused the theme on managing change through hard economic times with technology.”   
  • Productivity Solution: Web-based WMSModern Materials Handling - December, 2009“Because we can add additional fulfillment customers to the system at virtually no cost, our clients love it,” said Brian Schoenbaechler. All customers share a single instance of the solution, eliminating the need for physical point-to-point integration between warehouses. Because of the system's user permission settings, each customer sees only what they need to see, with the information safe and secure. As an added benefit, the data is available from any computer with an Internet connection, even if SBC Fulfillment's IT system is down.   
  • Upgrading Your Inventory System for Your Construction BusinessConstruction Business Owner - December, 2009“Because most construction companies have relatively simple inventory management and order fulfillment requirements, a web-based system is more than enough to meet their needs. Functions including purchasing, receiving and put-away, inventory control, order fulfillment, shipping, integration and mobile computing are more than accessible and can be operational within a few weeks at a fraction of the cost of traditional on-premise software.”   
  • Food Traceability: The Missing Ingredient from Your Supply ChainIndustry Week - November 30, 2009“Like it or not, traceability and supply chain management go hand in hand. Risks will define the livelihood of your business whether they come from product recalls and liability or from more agile competitors. Real-time visibility and collaboration with those in the supply chain will determine how effectively you respond. While the fundamentals of business may not have changed, the rules certainly have, and only you can take advantage of them.”   
  • Visibility & Control: Visibility Called Key to Managing Complex Supply ChainsDC Velocity - November 23, 2009“For these companies, technical issues related to data formatting and transmission can be a source of frustration. A problem they face is playing in the overall supply network with their neighbors. Whatever data you have, someone is trying to aggregate. The problem is that different players — say, a Wal-Mart and a Target — set different rules for supplying the data. That increases the difficulty of providing visibility to all trading partners. There are dozens of standards. That becomes problematic and costly, according to Jim Burleigh, CEO of SmartTurn.”   
  • SmartTurn Integrates with NetSuiteModern Materials Handling - November 18, 2009“SmartTurn has gained wide adoption in a short period of time and has been influential in expanding the growth of SaaS-based warehouse management,” said Guido Haarmans, Vice President, Developer Programs at NetSuite. “Wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and eCommerce operations are a key constituency within the NetSuite customer base and the partnership with SmartTurn delivers efficiencies to these businesses where integration of ERP with warehouse operations is critical.”   
  • SBC Fulfillment Turns to On-demand WMS to Improve Performance, Build the BusinessSupply & Demand Chain Executive - November 13, 2009“I needed an agile system that could scale with our current business and scale as we expand, and any other system would have limited our long-term options,” says Brian Schoenbaechler. “People need to understand that with traditional on-premise software, there is the ongoing maintenance and upgrades that can be painful if not debilitating. With SmartTurn, upgrades are automatically taken care of on their end, and we simply login and use.”   
  • Supply & Demand Chain Executive Announces Its 2009 Green Supply Chain AwardsSupply & Demand Chain Executive - November 4, 2009“The award recognizes providers of supply chain solutions and services that are assisting their customers in meeting green or sustainable supply chain goals.”   
  • Accounting for Valuable MaterialsModern Materials Handling Casebook - October, 2009“The new system has provided IDC Construction, the resort owners and subcontractors with real-time inventory visibility. The resort owners love having a window into their inventory levels, order processes and work procedures.”   
  • Inventory Optimization: Game of StrategyLogistics Management - September, 2009“Whether the need for improved inventory management techniques is being driven by the economy or by companies' growing awareness of the impact that inventory has on the bottom line, the need for solutions that address the issue continues.”   
  • Materials handling: Affordable innovationModern Materials Handling - August, 2009“The traditional software model is fundamentally broken. There are so many costs associated with implementing, operating and maintaining the system.”   
  • Keeping Track of Frozen AssetsDC Velocity - August, 2009“Since it began using the on-demand WMS, Frozen Gourmet has seen stock-outs decline, even during the peak summer season. The distributor also is able to respond to queries about product availability more quickly and with greater confidence. And there's no longer any need to send someone into the minus 20-degree freezer to do a walk-around inventory check.”   
  • NAFTA: Two Sides of the CoinWorld Trade Magazine - August, 2009“SmartTurn's Web-based, on-demand inventory and warehouse management solution was a perfect fit for Grayling and the payoff was substantial, resulting in real-time visibility of what was in the El Paso warehouse at all times, and overall cost savings for Grayling of $83,000 a month due to improved operations along with a one-time savings of $300,000 to $400,000.”   
  • Some manufacturers giving SaaS warehouse management systems a shotSearchManufacturingERP.com - July 21, 2009“We don't use all the SmartTurn features now,” said Fred Ruffolo of AGS, “but customers may have other service requests that will [require us to use them].” AGS is now in the process of deploying SmartTurn enterprise-wide, meaning across 75 locations.   
  • Using Solutions Only as NeededMaterial Handling Management - July, 2009“The paper-based system Argent had previously used produced an average accuracy of 90%. Results of the automated SmartTurn implementation showed an improvement to 99% accuracy.”   
  • It's Smart to Have Accurate Warehouse DataSupply Chain Brain Magazine - July, 2009“You treat inventory like you treat cash. You keep it in a place with good controls. And SmartTurn has brought that control. I get to see the daily in's and out's. I get to understand what's on my floor for production. It's been a cash flow king, and at a cost that has probably had a ROI of 1000 percent in a couple of weeks,” said Carlos Rubio, Grayling Industries   
  • Supply & Demand Chain Executive Announces Its 2009 Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 Supply & Demand Chain Executive - June 25, 2009“Our readers turn to Supply & Demand Chain Executive to learn about solutions and best practices for enabling the supply chain to weather the current economic storm in which we find ourselves, and also to position themselves for growth when recovery takes hold.” explained Andrew K. Reese, editor of Supply & Demand Chain Executive. “The corporate executives and line-of-business leaders who rely on the magazine want to know what the different supply chain solution and service providers are doing to help them meet these critical, corporate 'life-or-death' challenges.”   
  • Associated Global Systems Strives for Supply Chain Success with SaaS WMSSupply & Demand Chain Executive - June 24, 2009“As we expand our business with new services, SmartTurn WMS 2.0 technology not only addressed our needs but those of our customers,” said Norman Freeman, president of AGS. “SmartTurn's ability to quickly be deployed to multiple sites in a short period of time enables us to serve our not only our existing customers but gives us an advantage in a competitive marketplace as we move our business forward.”   
  • Progressive Manufacturing 100: Supply Chain MasteryManaging Automation - June, 2009Grayling Industries was recognized in the category of Supply Chain Network/Supply Chain Execution for generating savings of $40,000 per month and achieving ROI in 60 days using SmartTurn.   
  • Any Epidemic or Crisis Can Sicken Your Supply ChainSupply & Demand Chain Executive - May 6, 2009“Your supply chain has taken a lot of hits in the past few months, with the prolonged recession, the Somali pirates of the high seas, and now the emerging swine flu epidemic. While the supply chain is the economic lifeline of any business, the frightening thought is that most companies don't have a clue about its health or its vulnerabilities. The swine flu or any other outbreak could be the watershed moment that your business either weathers successfully or stumbles over and suffers irreparable damage.”   
  • The Swine Flu: Your Supply Chain Moment of Truth?IndustryWeek - May 4, 2009“Think of the supply chain as the heart of any business operation with many different areas feeding into it (e.g., partners or customers). Conversely, the supply chain is a source of nourishment for others in terms of products and services. With the recent piracy incidents off the African horn and now the swine flu outbreak, the supply chain is under attack, and the risks have never been greater to organizations. The key to addressing this is simple in principle but difficult in practice: real-time inventory visibility and ongoing collaboration across the supply chain.”   
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Technology: WMS Prompt PaybackLogistics Management - May 1, 2009“Can SaaS gain the same traction in the WMS space? SmartTurn, a provider of on-demand WMS, thinks so. According to Modern Materials Handling's Executive Editor Bob Trebilcock, SmartTurn is targeting the small-to-mid-sized facilities that have relatively simple inventory management and order fulfillment requirements. The company has already completed numerous implementations of its on-demand product, whose functions include purchasing, receiving and put-away, inventory control, order fulfillment, shipping, integration, and mobile computing.”   
  • Saas: Too Good to be True? World Trade Magazine - May 2009“The 'ah-ha' moment for Rick Franklin came shortly thereafter when he was at a conference in Atlanta. He happened by a booth whose banner read: Web-based WMS. "And I said, 'What are they talking about?'" he recalls. "I started chatting with the guy in the booth, who turned out to be Jim Burleigh, CEO of SmartTurn, an on-demand service provider for WMS. After about two minutes, I turned to my business partner and said, 'This is it. This is what we've been looking for.'"”   
  • “Path Finders”Beverage World - May 2009“Small to medium distributors don't realize they can get such an advanced system so cheaply. They're used to the traditional software model where they have to pay US$40-$50,000 up front plus probably an equal amount to install and maintain the environment around it. They don't realize for $3,000 to start up and about $800 a month they can solve the problem and really leap into the future of logistics capability and technology.”   
  • “Saas: the "Other" Option”WERC Sheet - May 2009“"SaaS is gaining widespread corporate acceptance and adoption because it overcomes many of the inadequacies of traditional, legacy on-premise software products and 'hosted' or 'managed' applications," according to Jeff Kaplan, managing director of THINK Strategies”   
  • Top 100 Logistics IT ProvidersInbound Logistics - April 2009“Reflecting the diverse needs of IL readers, and the frenetic pace of growth of the market segment, it includes well-known companies, a smattering of Logistics IT niche providers, and newer companies offering specialized logistics services.”   
  • Filling the Black Holes in Your Supply ChainGlobal Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies - April 2009“Merchandisers can no longer afford to attack the problem by flooding the channel with product. 'Push-based' systems, in which supply levels are dictated by guesswork instead of actual knowledge of demand, don't meet today's need for mass customization and shorter product runs. We have to expose the dark spots.”   
  • On-Demand WMS Could Rock DistributionDC Velocity - April 2009“One of
    customers, a first-time WMS user, reportedly is saving $10,000 to $15,000 a month through use of the software. That customer, a third-party logistics service provider called Argent Associates, attributes the savings to higher inventory turns, more accurate shipping and receiving, and more efficient tracking.”   
  • Grayling marries 3PL, software to create streamlined inventory modelPurchasing Magazine - March 12, 2009“The decision to implement this inventory system came at perhaps the perfect time, given the struggles of many companies to adjust inventories to current demand.”   
  • Startup Targets Warehouse Inventory à la Salesforce.comSan Francisco Business Times - March 6, 2009“Nobody could touch what
    could deliver. I wouldn't take a canned program and put it in here if they gave it to me. I feel fortunate we found them.”   
  • Deep Dive: Are You Willing to Bet Your Supply Chain?Managing Automation - March 2009
    provides real-time inventory visibility to customers such as Grayling Industries so they can better manage their supply chain.   
  • Reduced IT Budgets Favor Small Projects, On-Demand ModelsGlobal Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies - March 2009“The on-demand delivery model has more recently extended to warehouse management systems, which traditionally have been available only as install-on premises solutions. "WMS traditionally has been associated with big, expensive systems," says Greg Aimi, AMR Research. "But with new on demand systems like
    , businesses don't have to think of it that way anymore.
    gives full control over inventory very effectively and dynamically without big upfront costs."”   
  • Honda Logistics Adds SaaS Link To Supply ChainInformationWeek - February 25, 2009“Because of the excellent results Honda Komyo has experienced, American Honda has begun evaluating
    for possible use within its business as well, Rick Franklin said [of Honda Komyo], which is a move he heartily endorses: "I told SmartTurn that there's a whole world out there of companies that can't afford $100,000 or $200,000 for a WMS, and with the fair prices you guys are charging, you're creating a whole new change in how this type of business is done."”   
  • DB Schenker Canada Looks Into Real-time Inventory VisibilitySupply & Demand Chain Executive - February 24, 2009“Schenker Canada said it determined that SmartTurn's on-demand solution offered reliability comparable to traditional enterprise software with dramatic cost savings.”   
  • Best New Supply Chain and Logistics Products of the Past YearSupply Chain Digest - February 19, 2009
    has a unique approach in two areas: (1) its very low and straightforward pricing model, and (2) its strategy of trying to convince many companies, not only traditional distribution centers, that they should look for all the places they have inventory and try to increase their level of visibility and control over it.”   
  • Today's Economy Requires New Supply Chain Thinking: WMS 2.0IndustryWeek - February 6, 2009“Without a WMS, inventory visibility, and supply chain visibility remains spotty with many "dark spot" warehouses throughout the supply chain. WMS 2.0 provides businesses an option that was previously out of reach: access to a world-class system with real-time inventory visibility and collaboration.”   
  • SmartTurn Proves a PointWorld Cargo News - February, 2009“The SaaS model gives
    true economies of scale and while the company needs more customers to be profitable, it has grown rapidly and has a market of over 500,000 warehouses in the US alone to target. A key part of
    appeal is its very low cost; the monthly fee for a basic system starts at US$500 and for an enterprise system US$800.”   
  • Deep Dive Collaboration: Web Technology Ups the Collaborative AnteManaging Automation - February, 2009
    on-demand WMS is based on Web 2.0 technology where information can be accessed through a variety of Web-based applications and promotes collaboration and information sharing with customers and partners.   
  • Leveraging On-demand Warehouse Management Solutionto Win New BusinessSupply & Demand Chain Executive - January 29, 2009“My life is made easier with
    . It used to take me a whole day to bill clients; now it only takes me 30 minutes. Billing is a snap, no more typing; just a click does the job. We can bill on a daily basis now instead of monthly...and it works!”   
  • A Green Supply Chain Strategy Today Will Spearhead Tomorrow's Business GrowthManufacturing & Logistics IT - January 15, 2009“More than half of the warehouses in North America and Europe still rely on paper rather than an automated system. Essentially, companies lack inventory visibility, suffer operating inefficiencies and waste resources within the supply chain.”   
  • Connecting The DotsForbes.com - January 12, 2009“The average junior high school student uses better communications and Internet technology than a good-sized warehouse. There's a big need to learn from the social networking world and learn from Web 2.0 and apply it back into the supply chain.”   
  • Managing Complexity While Reducing CostsFood Logistics - January/February, 2009“When we first started five years ago, all we had was a financial accounting system that was the equivalent of Quickbooks, and the rest of our inventory management was being done with paper and pencil. Now, with
    , our on-demand enterprise and warehouse solution, we have software that's more robust in its ability to handle inventory and kit products.”   
  • Can SaaS Ease Software Sticker Shock?Material Handling Management - January, 2009“As barriers continue to be eliminated, more material handling professionals will have an option that was previously out of reach: access to a world-class system with up-to-the-minute inventory control.”   
  • Highly Automated Supply Chain Management ToolsCargo Business News - January, 2009
    Inventory and Warehouse Management System and the
    SmartTurn Inventory Grid™
    are the first true on-demand warehouse management systems to provide enterprise-class functionality for small-to-medium enterprises.”   
  • Food Logistics Announces the 2008 Food Logistics 100 (FL100)Food Logistics - December 2008“Leading Business Magazine Presents Annual Listing of Technology Solution Providers”   
  • Green is Here for GoodWorld Trade Magazine - December 2008“Choosing an on-demand solution such as that offered by
    versus running a server on company premises is another way to cut costs and run a greener operation. It costs between $900 and $1400 per year just in electricity to run a single PC server in your warehouse.”   
  • Little Cost, Big BenefitsDC Velocity - December 2008“Within a couple of weeks,
    had completed planning, configuration, and deployment of the inventory and WMS system for both Prologistics and Grayling. The partners then brought Grayling's two largest suppliers into the loop at no cost to them, other than the time required for training.”   
  • Warehouse Management StrategiesCargo Business News - December 2008“Jim Burleigh, CEO of
    discusses a new option for today's warehouses—SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Warehouse Management System (WMS).”   
  • SaaS Enables Next-Generation Inter-Warehouse Inventory Visibility for Supply Chain Management and 3PL IndustryOutsourcing Journal - December 2008“Ray Moya, COO and vice president of technology at Argent Associates, says he considered many other products available at the time, but it was 'a no-brainer' to choose
    He says the time to implementation was 'compelling' (30 days versus six months) and was the major driver; the second driver was cost.”   
  • Going Outside the Walls: Companies Debate the Merits of Software-as-a-ServiceGlobal Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies - December 2008“SaaS can be a good fit for warehouses that are running in-house legacy systems and lack up-to-date ERP software,” said Richard Yim, Vice President of Products at
    “The option can provide them with real-time visibility into their inventories for the first time, with minimal start-up concerns.”   
  • SaaS Reinvents the Supply ChainSandhill.com - November 24, 2008
    SaaS model WMS ensures greater productivity, reduction in data errors and re-handling, fewer customer service issues and greater customer satisfaction, inventory reduction and lower inventory carrying cost, shipping accuracy, expedited order process, paper reduction, and reduced IT and administrative support costs. For a small or midsize warehouse with $2-$10 million in inventory, these process improvements can amount to $330,000 savings the first year and $230,000 in subsequent years.”   
  • SaaS Warehouse Management System Offers Agility for Big OrganizationsSupply & Demand Chain Executive - October 16, 2008
    SmartTurn Inc.,
    an on-demand inventory and warehouse management system (WMS) provider, said that its system is receiving favorable reviews within large organizations looking for an on-demand, enterprise-class solution that offers reliability comparable to traditional enterprise software with more competitive cost savings.”   
  • Fuel Prices Drive Home the Urgency to Rethink Supply Chain Technology StrategiesEyefortransport The Impact of High Fuel Prices on Logistics Newsletter - October 15, 2008“If you don't provide customers with what they want, when they want it, and at a reasonable price, your organization is at risk. The supply chain is more critical than ever to your organization's success. Market demands to improve performance while simultaneously reducing costs is changing the playing field, and highlights the need for technology to support both the agile, fuel-efficient supply chain as well as for socially responsible green initiatives.”   
  • A Different Alternative for Warehouse and Inventory ManagementSupply Chain Matters - October 1, 2008“Integration tools to link services with existing applications are broad, providing support for four different levels of integration. Another advantage presented by these integration tools is the opportunity of a quicker deployment. The company claims its average customer implementations range from two to three weeks. So if you're a smaller operation who needs decent warehouse and inventory management software support application, you may want to investigate
  • Can Warehousing Really, Truly Be Strategic?World Trade Magazine - October 2008“Software as a service (SaaS) is a fairly new offering with great potential, especially for cash-tight businesses. With SaaS, users can access the software they need from an application service provider, when they need it, with the same ease as accessing a desktop application, and only pay for what is actually used. This means that users can access software to build highly complex, dynamic models of their supply chain at a small fraction of the cost of buying the application or the heavy-duty computing power needed to run it. SaaS also avoids the headaches of installing and implementing an application that may be needed once every few years.”   
  • Smart Turn: blowing up inventory management costZDNet - September 22, 2008“I like what
    is doing. This is a piece of the supply chain pie that has long been ripe for a radical injection of innovation, especially for the beleaguered tier two and under players. Attending to the basics that WMS should address with a saas model that tears down the barriers to adoption while offering collaborative opportunities is a great place to be. It sucks cost out at the point where the chain is mostly likely to be stressed. That's genuine goodness and always welcome.”   
  • Warehouse Management on Demand Pacific Shipper - August 2008
    brings a new set of warehouse-management systems to the average user of technology and third-party logistics provider or wholesale distributor. 'Technology is a scary, risky and expensive proposition, especially for the smaller company. With a multi-tenant on-demand system that can cross geographic and corporate boundaries, you have the opportunity, at about one-tenth or even less of the cost of a traditional system, to put a high-quality WMS in place.'”   
  • SmartTurn releases new WMS reportEye For Transport - July 31, 2008
    has published its recently commissioned report on Warehouse Management Software: Five key capabilities for every distribution centre. Independently produced by the Aberdeen Group, this 22-page report identifies the five key characteristics that are common for Best-In-Class warehouse performance for logistics companies and shippers.”   
  • SaaS WMS Aims to Eliminate Dark Spots from Enterprise SolutionsSupply & Demand Chain Executive - July 28, 2008“'The
    SmartTurn Inventory Grid
    will allow us to create what the industry has never offered: an industrial marketplace with real-time, accurate inventory down to the physical warehouse level,' said Joe Ruef, CEO and co-founder of Verical. 'This goes beyond just a way to access software at a lower price point. The impact of multiple companies using the same set of software and data has just created a leap of value for all our customers, not just the largest ones.'”   
  • Small Business Logistics: One Good TurnInbound Logistics - April 2008
    on-demand model meshes well with Osteogenics' fast growth. SmartTurn doesn't charge us for additional users or support. We continue to grow, but our cost stays the same.”   
  • SmartTurn: The Salesforce.com of warehouse managementTheDeal.com Tech Confidential - March 7, 2008“Software-as-a-service by its nature is green. Instead of people buying servers, you just access the Internet. Everything involved with maintaining software is done away with. You get rid of manuals, transportation, servers—everything is utilized in one spot. You need a lot less total processing capability, so you use lower resources at all levels. We have one customer who thinks it's a godsend. They had to support multiple users around the country, shipping laptops to install software. Each time, that is another drop of fuel, another bit of packaging”   
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