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Putaway to same location

To save receipt processing time, SmartTurn has a one-step way to record the same putaway location for several items.

To putaway to the same location:

  1. Click the check boxes to the left of the receipt items to which you want to assign the same putaway location. (All the items you select must be on this page. You can repeat these steps on each page of the receipt if you have several pages of items.)
  2. Select Putaway to same location iconPut to same loc... up above. A search screen appears with a list of locations.

    The locations listed in the Location finder are all able to receive goods. SmartTurn filters out locations from this list that are currently unable to receive goods (because they are at capacity, on hold, etc.).

  3. Click the check box to the left of the location you want to assign to the items.
  4. Click OK below. The location you chose is assigned to the receipt items you checked.

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