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Viewing pick tickets

Pick tickets are the SmartTurn documents that actually move goods from their original location to their destination location. The destination may be a forward or staging location, as in a Pick to Staging Wave, or it may be a packing station, as in a Pick/Pack Wave.

To view a list of pick tickets:

  • Select Wave Fulfillment>Pick Tickets. A list of pick tickets appears. If needed, you can filter or sort the list.

    If you have a multi-warehouse operation, make sure you have selected the correct warehouse from the Warehouse drop-down up above. Warehouse drop-down

To view a specific pick ticket:

  • From Wave Fulfillment>Pick Tickets, double-click the record or highlight the record and click View iconView. The pick ticket displays.
    • To view general pick ticket information: The general pick ticket information is displayed at the top of the screen.
    • To view the pick ticket items: In the Pick Ticket Items table, use the view drop-down for different ways of looking at the items. See Viewing pick ticket items.

To export the pick tickets list to a spreadsheet:

  1. Sort or filter your list to isolate the group of records you want to export. You can also export the entire list, unfiltered, if you want. You can export up to 10,000 records.
  2. Click Export iconExport from the toolbar. The Export pop-up appears.

    Important: Do not close this pop-up. Closing the pop-up cancels your request for exported data. If needed, you can minimize the Export pop-up.

  3. Optionally, continue working in SmartTurn while your export request is being processed.

    Note: You can only create one export request at a time. However, you can continue with all of your other work in SmartTurn.

  4. When the export is complete, a dialog opens asking you if you want to open or save the file.
  5. Select Save. Save the file to a directory on your machine.
  6. A spreadsheet appears with the data you selected. SmartTurn exports many attributes of your data, not just the columns you see in the list view.
  7. At this time, it is safe to close your Export pop-up. Select Close if the pop-up does not automatically close once your export is complete.

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