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Creating pick tickets for a pick plan

Pick tickets are the SmartTurn documents that actually move goods from their original location to their destination location. The destination may be a forward or staging location, as in a Pick to Staging Wave, or it may be a packing station, as in a Pick/Pack Wave.

Pick tickets are created from a pick plan. You can create pick tickets from a pick plan as many times as you like. If you have one pick ticket template, you may create just one batch of pick tickets. But if you have several pick ticket templates, for example because of different picking equipment or because of picking different types of goods, you may create pick tickets from a pick plan several times. All pick tickets have the same Wave # as the pick plan from which they are created.

To create pick tickets from a pick plan:

  1. Select Wave Fulfillment>Pick Plans. A list of pick plans appears.
  2. Highlight the pick plan and select View iconView from the toolbar above the list.
  3. In the Pick Plan Items table, select Unplanned View from the drop-down. These are the pick plan items that are not yet on pick tickets. They are the items that are considered when you choose Create Pick Tickets.
  4. Select Create Pick Tickets from the bottom of the page. The Create Pick Tickets page appears.
  5. Select the Transit Location from the drop-down. It must have a Location Type of WIP. This is the location where the inventory will be when it is started picking (removed from its original location) but not yet finished picking (delivered to the destination location).
  6. Select the Pick Ticket Template from the drop-down.
  7. Review the remainder of the fields on the page. All of the values are populated from the Pick Ticket Template you select in the drop-down. However, you can override any field when creating these pick tickets. See more about pick ticket templates and pick ticket template fields.
  8. Select Create Pick Tickets. A confirmation page appears. This page lists the Wave # and the Pick Plan #. It also lists any pick plan items not included in the created pick tickets because of pick ticket capacity constraints.
  9. Select Accept Plan to save the pick tickets. An Accept Plan page appears. This page lists the Wave # and Pick Ticket #s of all of the created pick tickets.

    Alternatively, select Cancel to delete the pick tickets.

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