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Editing a kit

To edit a kit:

  1. Select Kitting Manager>Kits. A list of kits appears. Highlight the kit you want to edit.
  2. Select Edit iconEdit up above. The kit displays. General kit information is up above and the lists of items to produce, by-product items, and component items are below.
  3. Edit the fields as necessary. For information about specific fields, see Kit field descriptions.
  4. You can also make changes to the items on your kit, for example by changing, splitting, or switching the serial # of component items, or by assigning components to products. See Actions on the kit items.
  5. Select Save or Save & Continue Editing below to save your changes.
    • For any changes in quantity that you make to the inventory to be used in building your kit (that is, your Component Items) the soft allocation for the inventory item is updated the next time you Save the kit.
    • If you switch the serial # of component items, the soft allocation for the new inventory item is not automatically updated -- that is, the inventory item with the Serial # that you enter is not automatically soft allocated for this kit. Select Update Soft Allocation to reserve the newly selected inventory item for this kit.

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