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Planning a kit order

A kit order is a document that specifies goods to be produced, assembled, or manufactured in your warehouse.

Planning the kit order is an optional step between creating the kit order and assembling the kit order that allows you to view the details of the component items, by-product items, and produced items from your order. You can also view the inventory on hand for each component item, split component line items, and explode any component items that you would also like to produce as part of fulfilling this kit order.

After you plan a kit order, you create a kit document to specify the exact goods to complete the order, including pick location, serial #, etc. You can create one kit document to complete the entire order, or complete the order using several kit documents.

To plan a kit order:

  1. Select Kitting Manager>Kit Orders.
  2. Highlight the kit order you want to plan and select plan iconPlan from up above.


    Double-click the kit order to view the details, then select Plan from the bottom of the screen.

  3. The Plan kit order screen appears. General kit order information is up above. Down below, the Items to Produce are listed. Note that the value of the Ordered Qty column has been updated. The Ordered Qty is the quantity of the item that will actually be required when this order is fulfilled. It is the smallest multiple of output quantity from the kit specification that is greater than or equal to the Desired Qty you entered when you created the kit order.

    Kit specifications can produce any quantity of their output product. Because the Desired Qty is not always a multiple of the quantity output by the kit specification, planning the kit order creates a separate Ordered Qty. For example, suppose your kit specification is for a batch of cookies. The output of the specification is 24 cookies. If your kit order has a Desired Qty of 40 cookies, then the Ordered Qty will be 48 cookies. This is the minimum you can make given that you must make at least 40 cookies and that your specification requires that you can only produce cookies in batches of 24 at a time.

  4. The new By-Product Items table lists the by-products of all of the kit specifications on this order, collapsed by Item #.
  5. The new Component Items table lists the component items of all of the kit specifications on this order, collapsed by Item #.
  6. For each Component Items line item, the Qty on Hand is displayed.
    1. To take the component items from inventory on hand, verify that the Qty on Hand is greater than the Ordered Qty.
    2. To assemble some of the component items as part of this order, split the item, then explode the item to add its components and by-products to this order. For each Component Items line item that is kittable, the Kit Specification contains the name of the kit specification that would build this item. The default value is determined by the kitting policy, if any. Key in another kit specification if desired.

      To split a component item:

      • Check the checkbox to the left of the item you want to split.
      • Select Split item iconSplit up above. The screen refreshes, with the single line split into two rows, and still editable. The Ordered Qty SmartTurn displays in the upper of the two rows is the original Ordered Qty. The application sets the Ordered Qty in the lower of the two rows as zero.
      • Key in your adjusted Ordered Qty for each line. The two adjusted Ordered Qtys must together be equal to the original Ordered Qty.

      To explode a component item:

      • Check the checkbox to the left of the item you want to explode. Make sure that the Kit Specification is set to the kit specification you want to use for producing this component.
      • Select explode iconExplode to explode the entire Ordered Qty, or explode icon Partial Explode to explode only some of the Ordered Qty. If you use explode icon Partial Explode, enter the Quantity to Explode and select OK. If you use explode iconExplode, the entire Ordered Qty is automatically exploded.
      • The screen refreshes. If you exploded the entire line, then the original line is removed; otherwise, it remains and the Ordered Qty is set to the amount that you chose not to explode. The components of the exploded line are added as new lines to the Component Items table, collapsed by Item # with existing lines. The by-products for the exploded line are added as new lines to the By-Product Items table, collapsed by Item # with existing lines. (Note: If the batch size in the kit specification of the component you are exploding is greater than the Ordered Qty of the component, the extra items will also be added to the By-Product Items table.)
      • Known Limitation: If you explode or partially explode a component item, you must assemble your kit order using just one kit. You cannot partially kit a kit order with exploded components, because the system will not know which of the exploded components to provide on the partial kit.
  7. Optionally, select Validate to confirm that the order is valid, that is, there is enough inventory on hand based on your chosen pick policy to produce the kit order. More info...
  8. Select Save or Save & Continue Editing to plan the order. Select Cancel to return to the previous page and leave the order unplanned.

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