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Kit orders

A kit order is a document that specifies goods to be produced, assembled, or manufactured in your warehouse.

You can create a kit order manually, or create kit orders in batch based on sales orders already entered in SmartTurn.

In either case, you then plan the kit order to ensure you have adequate inventory on hand to assemble the goods, and finally create a kit document to assemble the order. You can create one kit document to assemble the entire order, or assemble the order using several kit documents, for example if you have several assembly stations.

In This Section

Creating a kit order: kit to stock

Creating kit orders in batch: kit to order

Viewing a kit order

Copying a kit order

Editing a kit order

Planning a kit order

Validating a kit order

Unplanning a kit order

Closing a kit order

Cancelling a kit order

Kit order field descriptions

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