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Managing preferred pick policies

Picking is the process of selecting items from inventory. When you select items, you could choose an item based on location, license number, expire date, or a number of other criteria. You can change the default pick order on a per shipment or per item basis. In SmartTurn, picking applies when you are selecting items for shipments, kits, bin transfers, and adjustments.

A Preferred pick policy is an order in which items should be picked together with information about when that order should be used. You can use Preferred pick policies to specify your own policies and when they should be applied. SmartTurn ensures that you always have at least one preferred pick policy.

If more than one pick policy could apply, the preferred pick policy is chosen in the following way:

  • First, choose the policy that applies to the Owner.
  • Then, if there is no policy that applies to the Owner, choose the policy that applies to the Customer.
  • Then, if there is no policy that applies to the Customer, choose the policy that applies to the Warehouse.
  • Always choose the more specific policy. For example, if a shipment has a Warehouse and Owner specified, and one pick policy is available for the Owner, and a second policy is available for the Warehouse and the particular Owner, then the second policy is applied.

You can create, edit, and delete preferred pick policies under Fulfillment>Preferred Pick Policies or Kitting Manager>Preferred Pick Policies (the list of policies is the same).

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