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Managing custom fields

You can take advantage of Custom fields to customize SmartTurn for business processes that are unique to your operation. The Administration>Custom Fields section is where you create and modify Custom fields.

Before you create a custom field, there are some basic terms to know:

Basic Terms

Core fields are the fields provided by SmartTurn, as it exists before you customize. Examples are: "Ordered Qty", "Warehouse", "Expire date", "Contact". You can also modify a core field, and how it displays on a list screen.

Custom fields are the fields you create to customize SmartTurn for your operation.

Standard screens are the screens provided by SmartTurn, as they exist before you customize: Examples are: "Edit Purchase Order", "Inventory by Item", "Add Bin Transfer", "Edit Item Master Group". Standard screens that are available in SmartTurn for customization are called "customizable pages." (Most but not all Standard screens can be customized.) You can customize a Standard screen by:

Custom Pages are screens in SmartTurn that you have customized. Once you customize a screen, it keeps the same name as it had when it was a Standard screen, but it contains one or more Custom fields, and/or displays Core fields or columns in a customized order.

In This Section

View your operation's list of custom fields

Creating a custom field

Editing a custom field

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