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Filter or sort a lookup list

SmartTurn uses Lookup screens to show lists of existing data in SmartTurn. When you use the any of the lookup tools to select from existing data in SmartTurn, the Lookup screen shows you only the first 25 records in any of the lists. If the record you are looking for is not in the first 25, you have two general options to narrow down the list:

  • Filtering/Searching by any of the filter/search fields at the top of the lookup screen (you can enter partial data or the full string)
  • Sorting by clicking on any of the column headers in the list.

You can also combine these two methods by filtering first, and then sorting the results.

To filter/search the list:

  1. Into any of the filter/search fields, enter the first letter, or a string of characters, that appear in the record.
  2. Click Search. A filtered list of records appears that match the letter or character string you entered.
  3. Note that in many cases SmartTurn has already applied a filter to the list to help you in your selection. For example, if you enter a Vendor on a purchase order, the item master lookup is pre-filtered by preferred vendor. If you enter an Owner on a purchase order, the item master lookup is pre-filtered by item master owner.

To sort the list:

  1. Click the label at the top of any column. The list refreshes sorted, descending or ascending, on the field you chose to click.

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