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Managing business affiliates

You can keep records of all of your business affiliates, and view them, edit them, or add new affiliates at any time. If you set up a record for each of your business affiliates, you can easily look up their information and tell SmartTurn to pre-fill the address fields when you are creating various transaction documents. Defining a company as one of your business affiliates is also the first step necessary in order to configure specialized access for them to SmartTurn.

You can view your list of business affiliates under Operations>Business Affiliates. All of your business affiliates--whether they are customers, vendors, owners, carriers, or brokers--appear together in a list view on Operations>Business Affiliates. SmartTurn displays the business affiliate type associated with each record, along with the current status.

  • To filter the list: If there are too many business affiliates in the list for you to locate the one you want, you can filter the list using the Filter and Contains fields above. More info...
  • To sort the list: Click any of the column headers to sort the list by that column, in ascending order. Click the same column header again to sort descending. The list view shows up to 25 business affiliates per page. The sort applies across all pages. More info...

In this section, you can:

To learn about a particular business affiliate field, see Business Affiliate field descriptions.

To learn how Business affiliate data follows items through purchase, receipt, inventory, sales, and shipment transactions, see Business Affiliate data flow.

In This Section

Viewing business affiliates

Adding new business affiliates

Updating a business affiliate record

Managing business affiliate contacts

Managing business affiliate addresses

Deactivating/Activating business affiliates

Business affiliate data flow

Importing business affiliate data

Business affiliate field descriptions

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