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Adding new business affiliates

All of your business affiliates--whether they are customers, vendors, owners, carriers, or brokers--appear together in a list view at Operations>Business Affiliates. SmartTurn displays the business affiliate type associated with each record, along with the current status. Once you enter your business affiliate records, SmartTurn presents them as options in appropriate places throughout the application. To learn more about the benefits of setting up your Business affiliates, see Managing business affiliates.

Note: One company can have more than one type of business relationship with your company. For instance, a Customer can also be a Vendor.

To add a business affiliate:

  1. Select Operations>Business Affiliates. The business affiliate list appears.
  2. Select Add item buttonCreate Business Affiliate. A business affiliate detail form appears.
  3. Enter the Name and unique Code for the business affiliate.
  4. Select one or more business affiliate Type(s).
    • Customer: Customers are the organizations to whom you sell and ship goods. Customers are usually associated with sales orders.
    • Vendor: Vendors are the organizations that provide goods to your company. Vendors are usually associated with purchase orders.
    • Owner: Owners own inventory or goods you store. If you have business affiliates who are owners, your company is probably a Third-Party Logistics provider (3PL).
    • Carrier: Carriers provide both inbound and outbound transportation logistics services to your company.
    • Broker: Brokers are third-party agents or intermediaries conducting transactions and services on your behalf or on behalf of other business affiliates in your network.
    • For each business affiliate Type you chose for this affiliate, choose whether that Type is currently active or inactive with your company.
  5. Optionally, enter a Business Affiliate Owner for this business affiliate. If entered, this must be the Name of a valid active business affiliate of Type Owner already existing in SmartTurn.
    • If the business affiliate you are setting up is of Type Owner, the Business Affiliate Owner field is automatically set to this business affiliate when you save the record.

    Entering a Business Affiliate Owner restricts visibility of business affiliates. Only users that are internal employees (agents for the tenant), agents for this business affiliate, or agents for the Owner set here have access and visibility to this business affiliate. (For more information on Agent for, see Understanding permissions.) Leaving this field blank means any user has visibility to this business affiliate.

    Using the Business Affiliate Owner field is most useful if you are a 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) operation and you create user logins for your owners. For example, if you make each of your owners the Business Affiliate Owner of their business affiliates, then your owners are only able to see their own vendors, customers, carriers, and brokers. They are not be able to see the vendors, customers, carriers, or brokers of other owners that you serve.

  6. Add Comments. (optional)
  7. To set up a Main contact for this business affiliate, scroll to Contacts table at the bottom of the screen.
    1. Click Add item buttonAdd Contact. An Add Contact screen appears.
    2. Complete the information and click OK. The Add Contact screen closes, and the new contact appears in the Contacts table.
    3. Continue to add contacts for this business affiliate, as needed.
    4. Scroll back up the form to the field for Main contact. Select the drop-down menu. The contact(s) you added appear in the menu. Select a Main contact.
  8. Select contacts, as needed, from the drop-down menus for Shipment contact, Sales order contact, Purchase order contact, and Payment contact.
  9. To set up a Main Address for this business affiliate, enter an address into the fields for the Main Address tab.
    1. Continue to add addresses, as needed, for Ship To, Bill To, Ship From, Pay To, in the relevant tabs. You can select the check box to conveniently specify that it is the same as the Main Address.

      If you leave the Ship To, Bill To, Ship From, and Pay To addresses blank, they will not default to data you have entered as the Main Address.

  10. Optionally, add billing policies if you will be billing this business affiliate for services on a per document basis (for example, per order or per inventory transaction). Only business affiliates of Type Owner can have billing policies and be billed. More info...
  11. Select Save to create the new business affiliate.

SmartTurn logs a history of when and who created the business affiliate, as well as when and who made specific changes to the record in the History tab.

You can also import your business affiliates into SmartTurn from an import spreadsheet. This is especially useful if you have many business affiliates to add. To learn more about importing, see Importing your business affiliate data.

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