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How to set up your browser for SmartTurn

Setting up your browser for working with SmartTurn is simple. There are five steps:

  1. Confirm that you are using a supported web browser. (SmartTurn recommends Internet Explorer 7.0, but also supports Internet Explorer 8.0, and Firefox 3.)
  2. Set up your browser so that it accepts pop-up windows from SmartTurn.
  3. Confirm that 'javascript' is enabled in your web browser.
  4. Make pop-ups open as pop-ups instead of as tabs. If your browser opens pop-up windows into new browser tabs, it could cause problems with your work session in SmartTurn.
  5. Enable exports from list views by making sure SmartTurn is a "Trusted Site" for your browser.
  6. Make SmartTurn a Favorite link so you can get to it quickly. (This step is optional.)
  7. Have SmartTurn "remember" you from one login to the next. (This step is optional.)

Once you're set up and working with SmartTurn, there are a couple of good habits to cultivate that will prevent browser issues and confusion:

  • RE: Multiple browser windows: If you need to log in to two windows at the same time (for instance, if you need to see both SmartTurn mobile and SmartTurn desktop at the same time), open additional browser windows from your operating system's toolbar, not from within the browser.
  • RE: Multiple warehouses: Always make sure your are viewing the correct warehouse data. If you are not viewing SmartTurn data in the warehouse context that you think you are, you won't have access to the Locations or License numbers you expect, and the POs, Receipts, and Shipments you see originate from the wrong warehouse.

In This Section

Browser Specification

Turning off the pop-up blocker

Enable JavaScript

Make pop-ups open as pop-ups instead of as tabs

Enable exports from list views

Make SmartTurn a Favorite link in your browser

Have SmartTurn remember you

Open two SmartTurn Windows at a time

Viewing the correct warehouse data

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