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Exporting lists and documents

Points to remember when exporting lists or documents:

When you export a list or document to a Microsoft Excel file and save it locally on your computer, the data will be:

  • filtered in the same way it was filtered in the SmartTurn application


  • sorted in the same way it was sorted in the SmartTurn application

For example, if you filtered an inventory list by Preferred vendor, and then sorted your list by Location, the Excel file will only export the filtered results, and it will be sorted by Location.

SmartTurn advises against selecting Open in the dialog box for the export. If you select Open instead of Save, you will temporarily leave SmartTurn WMS and be viewing a spreadsheet through Internet Explorer. You also are not in Excel, but rather a specific viewer made possible through Internet Explorer. Therefore, you won't have the ability to manipulate the spreadsheet as with MS Excel. You will notice that the only way you can return to SmartTurn is through the browser's Back button. When you use the browser's Back button to return to SmartTurn, you undo any filters you previously applied, and will have to re-filter the list. For all of these reasons, SmartTurn advises selecting Save instead of Open.

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