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Deactivating/Activating business affiliates

You can manage the status of your business affiliates by reviewing their status at regular intervals. Business affiliates may have a status of Active or Inactive. (Business affiliates may not be deleted from SmartTurn.)

Business affiliates you select when you create or edit transaction records (Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Receipts, Shipments) must have an Active status in order to save the record in SmartTurn. Individual inventory item records are not in themselves transactions, so they can have business affiliates with Inactive statuses.

To deactivate/activate a business affiliate:

  1. Select Operations>Business Affiliates. The business affiliate list appears.
  2. Highlight a business affiliate and select Edit iconEdit Business Affiliate up above. The business affiliate detail form appears.
  3. Review the business affiliate Type(s) selected for this record. Deactivate one or all of the business affiliate Type(s) for this affiliate by unchecking the Active status check box. (Conversely, you can activate one or all of the business affiliate Type(s) for this affiliate by checking the Active status check box.)

    Whether or not the business affiliate is active or inactive, it appears in the business affiliate list at Operations>Business Affiliates.

  4. Select OK to save the change. The screen closes, and your status change(s) appear in the list at Operations>Business Affiliates.

SmartTurn logs a history of when and who created the business affiliate, as well as when and who made specific changes to the record in the History tab, located at the far right of the group of Address tabs.

You can also deactivate/activate your business affiliates in SmartTurn from an import spreadsheet. This is especially useful if you have many business affiliates to deactivate or reactivate. To learn more about importing, see Importing your business affiliate data.

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