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Editing saved shipments

To edit a shipment:

  1. Select Fulfillment>Pending Shipments. A list of saved shipments appears.
  2. Highlight the shipment you want to edit, then select Edit iconEdit up above. The shipment displays. General shipment information is up above and a list of shipment items is below.
  3. Edit the fields as necessary. (See also specific actions for modifying shipment items.)
  4. Select Ship to ship the shipment. Alternatively, select Save or Save & Continue Editing to save the shipment and ship it out later. (Saved shipments can be edited further, but Closed shipments are no longer editable.) For any changes you make to the inventory to be shipped -- changing the quantity, splitting the item, changing the item, etc. -- the soft allocation for the inventory item is updated the next time you Save the shipment.

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