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Make pop-ups open as pop-ups instead of as tabs

If your browser is set to open pop-up windows as tabs instead of as pop-up windows, it may cause SmartTurn to function incorrectly.

If you don't see anything after you click on a button or link in SmartTurn, the problem is more likely that you have your pop-up blocker on. More info...

However, if clicking on a button or link in SmartTurn causes a new window or tab to appear, it is important to change your Tabbed Browsing Settings in Internet Explorer. (Firefox will open pop-ups as pop-ups.)

To make pop-ups open as pop-ups instead of as tabs in Internet Explorer:

  1. In your Internet Explorer toolbar, select Tools>Internet Options. The Internet Options pop-up window appears.

IE Internet options dialogue - General tab

  1. Select the General tab. Then click the Settings button. Another pop-up window appears over the first one.

IE Tabbed Browsing Settings

  1. In the middle section, "When a pop-up is encountered:", make sure the option selected is, "Always open pop-ups in a new window".
  2. Click OK. The top pop-up closes.
  3. Click OK again on the remaining pop-up. It closes. Your pop-up settings are now optimal for working with SmartTurn.

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