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Field descriptions for all screens

If you just need to see the field descriptions for a particular page, select from below:

  • Purchase order field descriptions
  • Sales order field descriptions
  • Receipt screen field descriptions
  • Shipment screen field descriptions
  • Inventory Item field descriptions
  • Adjustment field descriptions
  • Bin Transfer field descriptions
  • License number record field descriptions
  • License Number Edit field descriptions
  • Cycle count field descriptions
  • Storage document field descriptions
  • Edit Documents field descriptions
  • Kit order field descriptions
  • Kit field descriptions
  • Location field descriptions
  • Item master field descriptions
  • Hide My Company field descriptions


    Company Name

    This is your company's ID that cannot be edited.

    Tax ID

    Your company's tax ID number.


    Description of your company.

    Time zone

    Time zone of your company. Select from the drop-down. All time zones are calculated based on hours before or after Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

    Date Created

    The date the company was initially set up.

    Created by

    The user who created the company.

    Message for all Users

    A message that all users of your system (including external users, if you have them) see when they log in to SmartTurn. Limit to 255 characters.

    Activate for Next Login

    When checked, the Message for all Users appears for all users when they next log in to SmartTurn.

    Contact tab

    First name

    First name of the tenant contact.

    Last name

    Last name of the tenant contact.


    Title of the tenant contact.


    Phone number of the tenant contact.


    Email of the tenant contact.

    License Bundles tab

    License Bundle

    The name of the license bundle (feature set) included in your current SmartTurn contract.

    NOTE : If there are no license bundles listed, your current SmartTurn contract includes unlimited features and upgrades.


    The description of the license bundle.

    Expiration Date

    The expiration date of the license bundle. Renew your SmartTurn contract before this date to ensure continuous availability of the system.


    Additional comments about the license bundle.

    Address tab


    Phone number for the warehouse.


    Fax for the warehouse.


    Website for the warehouse.

    Address fields

    The address for your warehouse. When adding or editing, select the drop-down to the right of the State field to select the state.

    History tab


    The date this My Company record was modified.


    The user who modified the record.


    Indicates what was done to the record, including Create, Modify, etc.


    User ID

    The user ID.


    Whether the user is active. True = Active, False= Inactive.

    First name

    First name of the user.

    Last name

    Last name of the user.

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  • Billing line manager field descriptions
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  • Activity line manager field descriptions

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