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Assigning BOL items to packages

When the system creates each bill of lading, items on the bill of lading are assigned to packages based on the settings in the bill of lading template.

However, sometimes you want to reassign items into different packages than the system suggests. (If you want to reassign only some of the item into a different package, see Splitting items and assigning to packages.)

To assign items to a different package:

  1. In the Packages table, note the Package # of the different package to which you want to assign items. (You may need to add a package.)
  2. In the Pack Items table, select Pack View.
  3. Locate the items you want to put into a different package.
    • You can change the package for an item that has either not started being picked (the Picking Started? field on the line is false) or is completely finished being picked (the Status of the item is Ready). You cannot change the package for an item that is currently being picked on the warehouse floor.
  4. Check the checkboxes next to the items that you want to move to a different package.
  5. In the Packages table, check the checkbox next to the package to which you want to move the items.
    • The Status of the Package cannot be Closed.
  6. In the toolbar of the Pack Items table, select assign components iconAssign to package.
  7. The screen refreshes, and the items are now assigned to the new package. The Package # of the pack items is updated. Note that if the package had a Status of Ready, and you assign items that are not Ready, the package becomes In Progress again.

    Important: You cannot 'undo' an Assign to package. For example, selecting Cancel from the bottom of the bill of lading Edit page does not return the items to their previous package. When you select Assign to package, the system automatically performs as if you had also selected Save and Continue Editing. (If you need to undo these effects, you can assign the item back to the original package.)

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