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Example pick ticket template: by group

Suppose your operation uses picking based on item master group.

In picking based on group, you are picking all of the required goods for many orders, but you want each picker to pick only one group. For example, if you have thirty orders, but together the orders request goods from three different item master groups, you could send three pickers, one picker to pick all of the items from each group. Usually you pick by group because your item master groups indicate that different types of storage or different types of picking equipment are required. For example, you may have item master groups for Frozen Goods, Refrigerated Goods, and Dry Goods.

To create a pick ticket template for picking based on item master group:

  1. Select Wave Fulfillment>Pick Ticket Templates. Select Add item buttonAdd from the toolbar above the list. (See more details on Creating pick ticket templates.)
  2. In the Items Sort-and-Break section, select Add item buttonAdd sorting. In the Field drop-down, select Group. This means that the system sorts the pick plan items based on item master Group, and every time there is a different Group, a new pick ticket is created.

    Using an Items Sort-and-Break on Group is the key that facilitates picking based on item master group.

  3. The other sections are optional when you are creating a pick ticket template for picking based on group.
    • Optionally, leave the Items Filtering section empty. This means you will put all of the items from this pick plan onto pick tickets using this template.
    • Optionally, add an Items Sorting. Adding a sorting here orders the items before they are divided into pick tickets.
    • Optionally, enter the # of Pick Tickets per Wave. Leaving this field empty means the system will create pick tickets for all of the items in this pick plan. Entering a number in this field means the system will only create that many pick tickets. (You can create additional pick tickets from the pick plan, using this same pick ticket template, at a later time.)
    • Optionally, enter a Pick Ticket Capacity. This may be useful if you know that your pickers can only handle so many goods at once. For example, if each picker can handle 50 lbs, enter a Capacity Sort of Dim Wt and a Capacity Constraint of Dim Wt 50 lbs.
    • Optionally, enter a Pick Ticket Sorting to sort all of the lines within each pick ticket. All of the pick ticket lines will be for the same Group. However, within each Group, you may want to sort on Location, or on Item #. You can add as many sortings as you like.
  4. Select OK to save your changes.

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