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Packing BOL items

To pack an item on a bill of lading:

  1. In the Pack Items table, select Fulfillment View from the view drop-down.
  2. Confirm that the Status of each item is Ready.
    • If the Status of an item is not Ready, inventory is still being picked for this line. You have two options:
      • Wait for the inventory to arrive at the packing station.
      • Pack and close (ship) the bill of lading anyway (see "To pack an item that is not completely picked", below).
  3. Outside of SmartTurn, put the items into the physical package and seal it.
  4. When all of the items are Ready and you are finished packing, you can:

To pack an item that is not completely picked:

  1. Check the checkbox next to the item that is not Ready.
  2. Select Force Ready from the toolbar of the table.

    This has the following effects:

    • The item's Qty to Pack is set to the Qty Avail to Pack.
    • The item's Status changes to Ready.
    • The sales order item Unplanned Qty increases, that is, the rest of the sales order item can be fulfilled in another wave of work.

      Important: You cannot 'undo' a Force Ready. For example, selecting Cancel from the bottom of the bill of lading Edit page does not increase the Qty to Pack and set the item Status back to In Progress. When you select Force Ready, the system automatically performs as if you had also selected Save and Continue Editing.

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