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Wave Fulfillment

Wave fulfillment refers to several different fulfillment processes in SmartTurn that allow you to group sales orders together to achieve more efficient picking and/or packing.

To get started using wave fulfillment:

  1. Learn the concepts behind wave fulfillment in SmartTurn.
  2. Work through the three steps -- plan, configure, run -- to create waves of work for a Pick to Staging Wave or a Pick/Pack Wave
  3. Review details of specific documents involved in wave fulfillment:
  4. Monitor waves of work as they are in process on the warehouse floor

In This Section


Creating waves of work: pick to staging

Creating waves of work: pick/pack

Sales Orders in wave fulfillment

Pack Plans

Bills of Lading

Pick Plans

Pick Tickets

BOL Templates

Pick Ticket Templates

Monitoring waves of work

See Also

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How to set up your browser for SmartTurn

Resources and Tips

Changing your profile

Purchase orders

Sales Orders



Inventory Management

Kitting Management

License numbers

Inventory Reports

Using a mobile device

Using SmartTurn Web Services




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