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Splitting a component item

To split a component item:

  1. From the Add or Edit Kit page, select the checkbox to the left of the item in the Component Items table that you want to split.
  2. Select Split item iconSplit Item... from the toolbar of the Component Items table. A Split Item screen appears.
    • Confirm that the Current Pick Policy is set to the pick policy that is correct for this kit.
    • If you need to change the pick policy, check the box next to the Override Current Policy field. Then select another policy from the drop-down.

      This Pick Policy drop-down list contains inventory managers that are marked "Use as pick policy." See Using inventory managers as pick policies.

  3. Below Matching Results, you see inventory items for the same item number, split out by license number and location. If no lines appear, the item number does not have any more quantities in a different license number and/or location.

    Note: You can check the Show Allocated Inventory checkbox to show those inventory items that are recommended by this pick policy but already reserved for another transaction. You cannot add allocated items to your kit; however, you can use the Inventory by Item report to track down the other operations that need this item. For example, your kit may be high priority, and other operations should be cancelled or delayed so that you can use this particular item to build your kit.

  4. Select the checkbox to the left of the item you want to split between. (You may select only one item.)
  5. Select OK down below. The new line appears below the Component Item that you split.
  6. Adjust the Qty Pulled between the two lines to indicate how many of the item you want picked from each license number or location.

    Note: The newly selected inventory item is soft allocated to your kit the next time you Save the kit. Additionally, the original inventory item has its soft allocation updated, if you changed the Qty Pulled for the original line, when you Save the kit.

    Note: If you defined any custom fields, you may need to edit them here. The default value is taken from the newly selected inventory item.

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