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Counting cycle count items

When you edit a cycle count and save it, you can count the items at a later time. Or, you can count some items now and leave others for later.

To count cycle count items:

  1. Select Inventory>Cycle Counts. A list of cycle counts appears.
  2. Highlight the cycle count, the select Edit iconEdit up above. The cycle count must be in Saved or In Progress status.
  3. The cycle count displays. General cycle count information is up above and a list of cycle count items is below.
  4. Select Count or Count & Continue Editing at the bottom. Selecting Count or Count & Continue Editing immediately updates the quantities of the items (on all pages) with Counted Quantities entered, and changes the Item Status of those cycle count items to Closed. Those line items are no longer editable. If all of the line items are now counted, the cycle count is Closed. If there are remaining uncounted line items, the cycle count is In Progress. If you had selected Perform Soft Allocation for this cycle count, that allocation is removed on a per line basis once each line is counted.

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