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Exportable list views

With SmartTurn, you have the option of exporting your data using .xls spreadsheets. This is helpful if you are doing additional processing of your data outside of SmartTurn. For example, you may be exporting shipment information to create a custom bill of lading, or you may be exporting billing line information to create an invoice for one of your owners if you are a 3PL (3rd Party Logicistics) operation.

You may also use data exported in .xls spreadsheets to integrate with another application. However, it is probably easier to use SmartTurn's web services for integration directly with other applications.

Select a link to learn more about how to export each set of data to a .xls spreadsheet.


How to export...


Purchase order (a single order)

Purchase orders (list of purchase orders)

Purchase order items (across multiple orders)

Sales order (a single order)

Sales orders (list of sales orders)

Sales order items (across multiple orders)


Receipt (a single receipt)

Expected receipts (list of expected receipts)

Receipt items (across multiple receipts)

Receipts (list of receipts)


Adjustment (a single adjustment)

Adjustments (list of adjustments)

Adjustment items (across multiple adjustments)

Bin transfer (a single bin transfer)

Bin transfers (list of bin transfers)

Bin transfer items (across multiple transfers)

License number edits (list of license number edits)

License number edit items (across multiple license number of edits)

Inventory items (items selected with an inventory manager)

Cycle count (a single cycle count)

Cycle count items (across multiple cycle counts)

Storage document (a single storage document)

Storage documents (list of storage documents)

Storage document items (across multiple storage documents)

Edit documents (a list of inventory edit documents)

Edited items (across multiple inventory edit documentes)

Kitting Manager

Kit orders (list of kit orders)

Kits (list of kits)

Kit items list (kit items to produce across multiple kits)

Kit by-product items list (kit by-product items across multiple kits)

Kit component items list (kit component items across multiple kits)


Shipment (a single shipment)

Shipments (list of all shipments)

Batched shipments (list of selected shipments from a batch)

Shipment items list (shipment items across multiple shipments)

Parcel posted shipments (list of shipments)

Voided shipment items list (shipment items that have been voided, across multiple shipments)

Wave Fulfillment

Pack Plans (list of all pack plans)

Bills of lading (list of all bills of lading)

Bill of lading packages (list of package contents)

Pick Plans (list of all pick plans)

Pick Tickets (list of all pick tickets)


Inventory by Item

Inventory by Lic #

Inventory by Serial #

Inventory w/o Lic #

Quantity by Item (from the View page for a particular item)

Quantity by Location (from the View page for a particular location)

Quantity by Owner (from the View page for a particular Owner)

Quantity by Vendor (from the View page for a particular Vendor)

Quantity by Group (from the View page for a particular Group)

Quantity by Lic # (from the View page for a particular Lic #)

Inventory Stockout

Available to Promise


Item Masters

Billing line items (items selected with a billing line manager)

Inventory items (items selected with an inventory manager)

Activity line items (items from across all documents, selected with an activity line manager)

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