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Dashboard gadgets (metrics) descriptions

Under the Dashboard tab on the My Account page you can change which gadgets (metrics) appear on your SmartTurn home page when you log in. Check the checkboxes next to the gadgets you want to see.

The available gadgets are determined by your SmartTurn administrator, who can edit your user roles to make different categories of gadgets accessible.

As a SmartTurn user, you can also view your gadgets outside of SmartTurn, on your iGoogle page. This allows you to view your warehouse metrics and KPIs at any time.

To add a gadget to your iGoogle home page:

  1. Log in to your Google account. Click Sign in in the upper right hand corner of

    If you do not already have a Google account, you must create one here first.

  2. Visit to view a list of gadgets available to add to your iGoogle page. Click the link next to the gadget you want to add.
  3. From here, you can preview the gadget. If you decide you want to add it to your iGoogle page, click Add to Google.
  4. Your iGoogle page refreshes, with the new SmartTurn gadget. You will need to log in, using your regular SmartTurn login, in order for the gadget information to display.

Gadget Category





This diagram illustrates the basic business processes and workflow within a typical operation. You can navigate to different areas in SmartTurn using the links in the diagram.

Current System Use

Warehouse Capacity

This meter measures (warehouse capacity currently used) / (maximum warehouse capacity), displayed as a percentage.


Open Purchase Orders

This table lists the first five open purchase orders, ordered by PO date.


Item Masters Above/Below Reorder Point

This chart shows the proportions of item masters that are above and below their reorder points. Only item masters with inventory on hand are considered.


Inventory On Hand Metrics

This table lists the top five item masters, ordered by value (cost) of the quantity on hand.


Inventory Valuation By Owner

This table lists the value of all inventory currently on hand for each owner, ordered by total value.

Sales Orders

Open Sales Orders

This table lists the first five open sales orders, ordered by due date.


Sales Order Status

This chart shows the proportions of sales orders in each status (Saved, Dispatched, Partially Serviced, Completed, Closed, Cancelled).


Pending Shipments

This table lists the first five pending shipments, ordered by due date.

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