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Kitting Management

A kit order is a document that specifies goods to be produced, assembled, or manufactured in your warehouse. Any goods added to a kit order must have at least one kit specification that describes how to create them.

A kit is a document that fulfills the kit order by transferring the component items into a WIP (Work In Progress) location to be built, then adding the newly assembled items, and any by-products, into inventory.

To kit goods in your warehouse:

  • First, create a kit specification for the item master.
  • Next, create a kit order to produce goods based on a kit specification.
  • Next, plan the kit order to ensure you have adequate inventory on hand to assemble the goods.
  • Next, create a kit document to specify the exact goods to complete the order, including pick location, serial #, etc. You can create one kit document to complete the entire order, or complete the order using several kit documents.
  • Then, start building the kit by transferring your component items to a WIP (work in progress) location for assembly.
  • Finally, finish building the kit by removing the component items from inventory and adding the newly produced items (and any by-product items) into inventory.

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