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Using inventory managers for cycle counts

You can use an inventory manager as a cycle count by checking the Use as cycle count checkbox on the Edit inventory manager page.

Marking an inventory manager as a cycle count means that you can create a cycle count using the items returned by the inventory manager.

Example: Using an inventory manager as a cycle count

  1. Create inventory manager criteria.

    For example, this inventory manager criteria could include all of the items in location Area 003, sorted by Item #.

  2. Create an inventory manager that includes just this inventory manager criteria. Now you can manage just the subset of your inventory.
  3. Check Use as cycle count when you create the inventory manager.

    For example, you could name this manager "Cycle Count for Area 003" because when you view the manager, it displays all items in location Area 003.

    The order that the inventory items appear when you view the inventory manager is the order they will be placed in when you use the manager to create a cycle count.

  4. Select Inventory>Inventory Managers. Highlight your manager and select cycle countCycle Count to create one cycle count document for all of the item. Or, select cycle countCycle Count by Owner to have SmartTurn sort the inventory by Owner, and then create one cycle count for each Owner.
    • If you are a 3PL (3rd Party Logistics operator), this allows you to separate your cycle counts by Owner and bill for your cycle counts appropriately.

      Note: Cycle counts are limited to 1,000 inventory items. If your inventory manager reports on more than 1,000 inventory items, SmartTurn automatically creates multiple cycle counts.

  5. The Cycle Counts list view appears, with a message describing which cycle count documents have just been created. Your cycle count items are based on the items from your inventory manager.
    • If an inventory item reported by your inventory manager has multiple license numbers, SmartTurn automatically creates multiple cycle count line items for you, one for each licensed portion of the inventory item, and one for the unlicensed portion. This way, you can you can easily increase or decrease the amount of inventory for any license number.

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