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Using SmartTurn Web Services

"Web services" refers to a standardized protocol to integrate applications across networks. Web services provide an easy way to automatically share your data between SmartTurn and third party applications - such as accounting packages, web storefronts, and legacy systems - without having to go through the SmartTurn user interface and manually create orders or export reports.

Using SmartTurn web services allows you to:

  • Automatically enter, update, or cancel purchase orders and sales orders in SmartTurn
  • Automatically enter and update item masters in SmartTurn
  • Automatically enter and update business affiliates in SmartTurn
  • Easily retrieve data from SmartTurn, including receipts, purchase orders, adjustments, bin transfers, inventory, sales orders, shipments, bills of lading, pick tickets, billing information, activity line information, item masters, available to promise information by item master, business affiliates, and locations.
  • Automatically create storage documents, to use in billing for inventory storage
  • Update packages, custom field information, or document status on bills of lading (see Working with integrations and bills of lading for additional information)
  • Integrate SmartTurn inventory management with your existing third party applications, EDI, or business model

SmartTurn implements WS-I compliant web services using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and WSDL (Web Services Description Language).

For more information about using SmartTurn web services, contact your SmartTurn representative. You can implement the web service operations yourself based on the SmartTurn Web Services API.

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