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Discussions about the supply chain outside our industry don’t often interest many people, but the reality is they are the backbone to a company’s survival. When you consider cash flow and capital, most of their assets are tied into their supply chain, and it’s a wonder so many don’t pay more attention to it. For the past 12 months, companies have seen customer demand fall, while demanding customers rise. Many have taken to a hack-and-slash approach to cutting volume and resources during the economic downturn, and the frightening thing is that the recovery could be just as jarring. Considering all the cuts, there are bound to be shortages in production and distribution which brings up inflation fears.

An article from LCP Consulting highlights several pillars for success which all have a common bond: collaboration. Whether it’s being agile or providing excellence in customer service, all of this relies on having accurate internal and external information through collaboration with customers and partners alike.

  1. Reduce unprofitable complexity by truly understanding how both customers and products erode margin
  2. Build customer service excellence into your supply chain
  3. Become the preferred customer of your key suppliers
  4. Design, plan and execute for agility
  5. Synchronize and integrate to eliminate waste and cost

The catch is that you have to prepare now.

Manufacturing & Logistics IT
“Supply chains hold the future for everyone”
By Alan Braithwaite andMartin Christopher, LCP Consulting
September 1, 2009

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