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With all the economic volatility, it was bound to happen that those in the supply chain would begin pondering on what is considered normal these days. SC Digest wrote an interesting piece about our changing practices and views on the supply chain, where the old ways of thinking really don’t apply anymore. Even with all the change, four trends are emerging:
  1. Rising fuel prices
  2. Cautious consumer credit
  3. Changing global consumer patterns
  4. Return of North American port capacity
What ties this together? Flexibility and visibility…companies need to be aware of what is happening in the external and internal environment, but the reality is that most have little idea. Strategic planning and management require knowledge and then having the ability and to execute effectively and quickly “to manage their supply chain for risk, resiliency, and sustainability.”

Supply Chain Digest
“A ‘New Supply Chain Normal’”
July 16, 2009
By Dan Gilmore

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