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In the current economy, companies are looking for scapegoats for why revenues are down or reasons for organization efficiencies. Technology is often that scapegoat, but SupplyChainBrain.com published an interesting opinion piece “Defending SCM Technology: It’s Not the Answer, but a Damn Good One” from AMR analyst Noha Tohamy showing why companies themselves are the culprits. Noha goes through a variety of SCM technologies and discusses the positive impact they’ve made to the bottom line.

A company’s problems usually extend beyond technology and involve organizational and process issues. So when technology doesn't solve those issues and it’s not supposed to, it gets blamed for the organizational shortcomings. The reality is that technology has generated billions of dollars in ROI, but companies need to be willing to adopt it and have realistic expectations.

One particular paragraph sums it up nicely…

“Because of technology, we can now dream of building visibility across our supply network, collaborating with key trading partners, and optimizing our human resources and production capacity. Because of technology, we can figure out what's happening at our stores and, based on that, readjust our replenishment plans and pricing to improve margins and customer satisfaction. Without technology, the best process and the best organization can only go so far in reaching this supply chain utopia.”

Supply Chain Brain
“Defending SCM Technology: It’s Not the Answer, but a Damn Good One”
By Noha Tohamy
July 1, 2009

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