Winning More Customers with SmartTurn — Rick Franklin, Corporate Dir., Komyo America/Honda Logistics



Win Customers by providing Inventory Control and Visibility

Third party logistics (3PL) customers often worry about the loss of control and visibility of their inventory. SmartTurn's award winning WMS* has become a competitive advantage for 3PLs, who demonstrate SmartTurn to potential customers from any web browser to show real-time visibility into inventory levels and shipment status.

We'll show you how to win new customers with a modern WMS. On-board new customers quickly, set adaptive pick policies to consolidate shipments while improving customer satisfaction, and quickly adjust to changes in your client's business and your own. Do it all without IT headaches (we do it for you with Software as a Service).

* Frost and Sullivan Award for Innovative Customer Value Leadership Award, 2008 Global Logistics Market


Time for a modern WMS

Logistics and transportation teams (in-house or 3PL) rely on information to succeed. Customers demand to know where their inventory is in the warehouse or in transit—everyone wants the experience.

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Because SmartTurn is a modern WMS (WMS 2.0), you will be able to push and pull information from SmartTurn to your customer's systems over the internet (XML/Soap) or through EDI no matter whether you are running QuickBooks, SAP or an in-house system.

A modern WMS will typically contribute to at least a 5% reduction in 3PL shipments due to accurate picking and improved consolidation. You can ship customer orders with 99.99% accuracy, eliminating returns due to data or operational errors—run your numbers or get more information on ROI. More »

SmartTurn is certified: “Powered by Oracle”, runs in IBM Global Server Farms, McAfee security certified, providing enterprise-class high availability and reliability for your customers 24/7/365

What a 3PL WMS Provides

A WMS Gives You

  • Warehouse automation (RF ready: included hand-held software)
  • Inventory visibility— real-time inventory levels and flow rates
  • 3PL Billing (eliminate separate accounting for customer billing)
  • Customer service and satisfaction improvements
  • Faster order turn-around time
  • Improved order fulfillment rates
  • Reduced errors and returns (caused by clerical or inaccurate picking or otherwise)
  • Labor savings and efficiencies—better facility throughput
  • Compliance labeling (license plates, track and trace, recalls, etc.)
  • Agility and flexibility in inventory level and location planning
  • Customer and trading partner collaboration
  • Rapid customer onboarding and changes
  • Business transparency and informed decision making
  • Improved transportation costs (consolidations, cross-docking, fewer rush orders, fewer shipment errors, etc.)
  • Greener warehousing (a SaaS WMS virtually eliminates paper)