Harness a modern Warehouse Management System (WMS) that pays for itself in one month.

Stay competitive in a volatile economy.

3PL, Transportation Warehouse Operators


Leaner, Cleaner Operation Equals
Higher Profitability and Valuation
Ron Lentz, CEO, Logistics Equity



Real-time inventory visibility means competitive differentiation

Improved fulfillment accuracy, lower labor and inventory costs can dramatically improve your business value proposition. In less than 30 days, SmartTurn can be deployed to eliminate dark spots in your inventory and supply chain, connecting you to the web and your customers in real-time, with unlimited user licenses



SmartTurn runs over the web and is a true SaaS, multi-tenant implementation that allows special security and cross warehouse business processes. Regardless of your business size or IT system, SmartTurn is flexible and easy-to-use, integrating with your in-house systems, QuickBooks or even SAP. On-boarding one or many warehouses is simple, fast and cheap.

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What you get

Typical WMS numbers*

  • Shipping accuracy typically improves from 90 to 99.9%
  • Inventory reduced by 5-20% in first year
  • Inventory carrying costs lowered by 35%
  • 10% gain in picking-shipping accuracy (20% with RF)
  • Lower rush costs by 50% for same day shipments
  • Eliminate 90% of paper in warehouse operations
  • Allows automation. RF improves routing by 50%
  • SaaS eliminates 95% of IT expenses
  • SaaS eliminates $900/year in power consumption