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Editing shipment item details

To edit shipment item details:

  1. Check the check box to the left of the item you want to edit.
  2. Select Edit iconEdit up above. An edit screen appears, with the General tab selected.
  3. You can modify any of the following: Quantity, price (use Override Price), or Condition. (To edit pick Location, select Change Item iconChange Item, instead of Edit iconEdit. More info...) You can view additional attributes of the item on the Custom tab and the Outbound IDs tab.

    Note: If the item master has Serial Control set to Closed Container or Unique, you must ship out the entire quantity with that serial number.

  4. Click OK when finished. The edit screen closes and your shipment items reflect your edits.

    Note: If you change the quantity for a shipment line, the soft allocation for that inventory item is updated the next time you Save the shipment.

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