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Exporting and committing shipments in batch

Just as you can export a shipment to a spreadsheet, you can also export many shipments to a single spreadsheet at once. Additionally, just as you can commit a shipment, you can also commit many shipments at once.

To export a batch of shipments to .xls:

  1. Select Fulfillment>Batch Export Shipments. A list of shipments displays in the Search Results tab.
  2. Under the Search Results tab, use the options to search for the shipments you want to export. Fill in Shipment #, Ship to customer, Owner, Carrier, SO #, Date shipped, Priority, and/or Status. Select Search.

    The Search function looks at all the shipments in the system. This process is similar to filtering a list. However, you can filter by several fields at the same time.

  3. The Search Results tab displays the results of your search. Check the checkbox next to each shipment that you want to export, and select Add item buttonAdd to Action to add that shipment to the Action tab.
    • You can search several times, using different filtering options, and continue using the Add item buttonAdd to Action toolbar button to add shipments to the Action tab.
  4. When you have added all the shipments that you want, select the Action tab. Here you can see the list of all of the shipments that you have added.
    • If you need to remove any shipments, check the checkbox next to that shipment and select Delete iconRemove.
  5. To mark all of the shipments listed in the Action tab as Committed, select Batch Commit from the toolbar. Only shipments that are in status Closed can be committed.

    This step is optional, depending on your business process. Committing your shipments can help you keep track of which shipments have been exported and which have not.

    Committed is a document status that indicates that a document has been exported from SmartTurn and sent to a third party application, such as an accounting package. Only documents that are already in status Closed can be committed. Documents that are committed can never be edited in SmartTurn again, because a third party application is now relying on the information in that document to remain unchanged.

  6. To export all of the shipments listed in the Action tab, select Export iconBatch Export from the toolbar. More info...
    • The export includes most of the fields from the shipment. If you need additional fields in the export, you can customize those fields onto the Fulfillment>Shipment Items List (from Administration>Custom Pages, select ShipmentItemList). Additional fields customized onto this page are also included in your Batch Export.

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