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Creating a pick plan from a pack plan

When you create a Pick/Pack Wave, you simultaneously create a pack plan, a set of bills of lading, and a pick plan.

Sometimes, after the goods have been picked and delivered to the packing station, the packer working on the bill of lading rejects some of the items initially picked. For example, an item may be damaged, or the Lot # may not match what was ordered.

When goods have been rejected, another pick needs to be generated. In this case, you need to go back to the pack plan, view the items that have an Unplanned Qty, and create the picks for these missing items. You can add the picks to an existing pick plan, or create a new pick plan. The items are then picked and delivered to the packing station and the bill of lading can be packed and closed.

To create new picks from a pack plan:

  1. Select Wave Fulfillment>Pack Plans.
  2. Highlight the pack plan and select Create Pick Plan from the toolbar, above.


    Double-click the pack plan to view its details. Select Create Pick Plan from the bottom of the page.

    • For increased visibility: When you view the pack plan details, you can optionally select Unplanned View from the drop-down in the Pack Plan Items table. This view of the pack plan document displays all of the items in the pack plan that have an Unplanned Qty greater than zero, that is, all of the items for which new picks will be created. New picks will be created to pick the Unplanned Qty.
  3. The Create Pick Plan page appears.
  4. Optionally, select a Pick Policy for the new picks.
    • If no Pick Policy is selected, the Pick Policy from each respective sales order is used.
  5. Optionally, enter a Pick Plan #.
    • If a Pick Plan # is specified, the new picks are added to this pick plan. The Pick Plan # must be from an existing pick plan with the same Wave # as the pack plan. Additionally, the pick plan must have a Status of Saved or In Progress.
    • If no Pick Plan # is specified, a new pick plan is created, and the new picks are added to this new pick plan. The new pick plan has the same Wave # as the other documents in this wave.
  6. Select Create Pick Plan from the bottom of the screen.
  7. The system creates the new picks, either by adding them to the specified pick plan, or by creating a new pick plan. Any items for which picks could not be generated are displayed.
  8. Select Accept to save the new picks.
    • The new picks are saved onto their pick plan, and you can create pick tickets for them immediately.
    • On the pack plan, the Unplanned Qty for these items is decreased. For example, these lines may no longer appear in the Unplanned View on the pack plan.

    Select Cancel to delete the new picks without saving. The items remain unplanned and continue to appear in the Unplanned View on the pack plan.

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