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From any screen in SmartTurn, you can print by selecting File>Print in your browser, or selecting Print from the upper right of the SmartTurn screen.

If available, choose the Print Preview option before printing to ensure that your printout looks correct. Many screens in SmartTurn may look better if printed in landscape format.

For some data in SmartTurn, you also have additional printing options:

  • For receipts, sales orders, and shipments, you have the option of customizing the printout, through the SmartTurn custom pages. See Customizing printouts.
  • For receipts, receipt items, inventory items, shipments, and shipment items, you have the option of printing directly to labels. See Printing to labels.
  • For many other documents and reports, including purchase orders, receipts, cycle counts, sales orders, shipments, bills of lading, pick tickets, custom inventory reports, etc., you have the option of printing a PDF report. See Printing PDF reports.

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Printing PDF reports

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