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Start building a kit

To start building a kit:

  1. Select Kitting Manager>Kits. A list of kits appears.
  2. Highlight the kit you want to start building and select View iconView from the toolbar up above.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, select Start Building. The following actions occur:
    • All of the Component Items are transferred to the Kit WIP Location specified in the header of the kit.
      • If you have switched the Serial # of one or more of your Component Items, those changes are validated: the system confirms that the inventory item you are now selecting (with the updated Serial #) is available under the pick policy used to create the kit, and that the inventory item is not being used as a component on another line or kit. Note: You can force this validation before Start Building by selecting Update Soft Allocation after entering the new Serial #.
    • The header fields of your kit are no longer editable.
  4. The Kits list view appears.

    From here, you can select the kit and view it again, then finish building the kit by selecting Finish Building from the bottom of the View screen.

    Or, you can select the kit and edit it again to make further changes to the Items to Produce and By-Product Items:

    1. Optionally, make further changes to the Items to Produce and By-Product Items tables by editing Lot #s, License #s, Locations, Produced Qty, etc. You might need to change the Produced Qty, for example, if you are manufacturing items and you had a lower yield than usual (that is, a lower yield than predicted by the kit specification).
    2. Optionally, add scrap materials to the By-Product Items table. If, as part of the kitting process, there is a quantity of any of the Component Items that is left over and should be returned to inventory, you can add that scrap material:
      • Select Add item buttonAdd Component Scrap from the toolbar of the By-Product Items table. An Item Search screen appears, listing all of the Component Items from this kit. For example, if the kit calls for 2.5 cases of Item # B-15 and you specify to pull 3 cases, you will likely have 0.5 cases left over as scrap, which should be returned to inventory.
      • Check the checkboxes to the left of the items that you want to add as scrap.
      • Select OK down below. The lines are added to the bottom of the By-Product Items table.
      • Key in a Produced Qty for each newly added By-Product Item line. Enter the amount you have left after you finish building.
    3. Optionally, assign specific component items and by-product items to each product item. This is helpful for visibility and tracking, for example if both your components and your products are serialized.

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