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Viewing a list of bin transfer items

The Bin Transfer Items List view is a view that combines Bin Transfer items and Bin Transfers. This means that you can quickly and easily access specific items within a bin transfer without drilling down into individual bin transfers, as with the View Bin Transfers screen. This view also gives you the flexibility to sort, filter, and export bin transfer information based on a number of attributes at the item level across all your bin transfers.

To view a combined list of bin transfer items and bin transfers:

  1. From the navigation bar on the left, select Inventory>Bin Transfer Items list. A full list of bin transfer items appears. Multiple lines can represent one bin transfer.
  2. To view a specific bin transfer:
    • Double-click the record


    • Highlight the row of the bin transfer item you want to view. (The background turns green.)
  3. Click View iconView up above. The bin transfer document displays. General bin transfer information is up above and a list of items is below.

To filter the Bin Transfer Items list:

  1. Select a field by which to filter with the drop-down Filter menu above the list.
  2. Enter criteria (full or partial) into the Contains field. Click Filter.

    The list view shows up to 25 items per page. The filter applies across all pages.

  3. To undo a filter you previously applied, click Show All.
  4. Click the advanced filter icon Advanced Filter icon for additional filtering options. More info...

To sort the Bin Transfer Items list:

  1. Click a column header to sort the list by that column, in ascending order.
  2. Click the same column header again to sort descending. SmartTurn remembers the most recent column you sorted on, and applies that as a default sort order next time you come to the Bin Transfer Items list view, or next time you log in.

    The list view shows up to 25 items per page. The sort applies across all pages. More info.

To export the Bin Transfer Items list to a spreadsheet:

  1. Sort or filter your list to isolate the group of records you want to export. You can also export the entire list, unfiltered, if you want. You can export up to 10,000 records.
  2. Click Export iconExport from the toolbar. The Export pop-up appears.

    Important: Do not close this pop-up. Closing the pop-up cancels your request for exported data. If needed, you can minimize the Export pop-up.

  3. Optionally, continue working in SmartTurn while your export request is being processed.

    Note: You can only create one export request at a time. However, you can continue with all of your other work in SmartTurn.

  4. When the export is complete, a dialog opens asking you if you want to open or save the file.
  5. Select Save. Save the file to a directory on your machine.
  6. A spreadsheet appears with the data you selected. SmartTurn exports many attributes of your data, not just the columns you see in the list view.
  7. At this time, it is safe to close your Export pop-up. Select Close if the pop-up does not automatically close once your export is complete.

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