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Supported mobile devices

You can use SmartTurn to perform common tasks on a mobile device.

SmartTurn supports mobile devices that run Microsoft Windows CE 4.2 or Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0, or that run the Wavelink Industrial Browser (Telnet CE version 7). Devices should have a minimum memory of 64 MB RAM. Contact your SmartTurn representative if you have any questions about whether your device is supported.

Common differences between SmartTurn on Windows CE and on Windows Mobile:


Windows CE

Windows Mobile 6.0

Entering special (non-alphanumeric) characters

Press the function key. Then press the key with the desired special character printed above it.

Press 1 repeatedly. Windows Mobile cycles through the available special characters.

Note: If the special characters in your password are not available on your Windows Mobile device, log in to your SmartTurn account on a desktop computer. Select My Account at the top, then click Change Password. Change your password to use the special characters available on your Windows Mobile device.

Returning to the main screen

Use the stylus to click Mobile Smart Turn logo in the top left corner.

Press 0. You can also navigate to the Mobile Smart Turn logo with the arrows keys and press Enter.

Navigating among buttons and links; Selecting buttons and links

Tab to a button or link to select it. To press it, tap the button or link with the stylus.

Some buttons are mapped to function keys. For example, you can press the F2 button or click OK.

Use the arrow keys on the device to navigate to each button or link on the page.

Press the Enter key on the device once the button or link is selected.

Viewing additional information

With the stylus, hover over a link to view a tooltip with more information. For example, on the Inventory Report page you can hover the stylus over inventory items to see more information about each one.

Additional information is not available in tooltip form. For example, on the Inventory Report page you can use the arrow keys to select an inventory item, then press Enter to view the item detail screen.

Setting browser preferences


SmartTurn suggests that you change your view from "One Column" to "Fit to Screen."

From Internet Explorer, select Menu, then (8) View. Select (3) Fit to Screen and press Enter.

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