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Express shipment on a mobile device

Express shipment is a one-step shipment process where you create the shipment and ship it in one step.

To express ship items:

  1. From the main page, select Fulfillment>Express Ship. On the next screen, you can choose to Show header information, or Hide header information.
    • In the Show Header view, you can add information to the Shipment by clicking any of the links. Business affiliates and Custom fields may or may not be defined, depending on your operation. To add or edit business affiliates, click the links to Customer, Owner, Broker, or Carrier. Note that if you enter an Owner, then all of the other business affiliates on the document must have a Business Affiliate Owner that is either not set or is set to that Owner, and all of the items must have an Owner that is either not set or is set to that Owner. If your administrator has defined custom fields, you can view and/or modify information in those fields by clicking the Custom Fields link.
      • To add a business affiliate, select a Name link or enter the customer name or code, then click OK.
  2. Select Add Item to see a list of items. Confirm that the Current Pick Policy is set to the pick policy that is correct for this shipment. If you need to chance the pick policy, check the box next to the Override Current Policy field, then select another policy from the drop-down. This Pick Policy drop-down list contains inventory managers that are marked "Use as pick policy."
  3. Scroll down the list of items to find the item to ship.


    Filter the list using the any of the fields at the top: enter item details and click OK to see the filtered list. Then find the item to ship.

  4. To select an item, click a Description link or enter the Item ID or Product ID, then click OK.

    The item record opens.

    • For Quantity, enter the shipping quantity, then the Unit of Measure.

      Note: If you change the Unit of Measure, the Unit price will be updated to reflect the selected Unit of Measure when you save the shipment.

    • If your operation requires it, view or enter data for the measurements by clicking Edit Measurements. The measurements for the line item being shipped (Cube, Dim Wt, Pallets) are editable, and the measurements for the item being picked (Pick Unit, Picked Cube, Picked Dim Wt, Picked Pallets) are read-only. (Most of the time, these two measurements are identical, but they may be different for example if you add protective packaging before shipping the item.) View or enter the required data, then click OK.
    • If your operation requires it, view or enter data for a custom field by clicking Custom Fields. The Custom Fields screen appears. View or enter the required data, then click OK to save any modifications to the shipment item, or Cancel, to cancel any modifications to the Custom Fields.
    • If the item being shipped is Outbound ID Controlled, select Add OB IDs to scan and enter in the identifier for each unit being shipped. Note that if an item is Outbound ID Controlled, you can only enter 1000 per line. To ship more of the item, create a second line.

      When you save the IDs, they are validated against the Outbound ID settings defined in the item master. An item that is Outbound ID Controlled requires a unique identifier for each unit on a shipment during the outbound process.

    • Select OK to return to the shipment. The updated inventory item is soft allocated to your shipment when you click OK.
  5. To continue adding items, click Add. The item is added to the shipment list, and the Express Ship-Find Item screen opens for you to make your next selection.

    To finish the express shipment, click OK. The item appears in the list (if you are in the Hide header view).

  6. To add more items, follow steps 2 though 4.
  7. To edit an item, click the Description link to bring up the item details.
  8. To delete an item, select Embedded Mobile File Template at the end of the row.
  9. To change the pick details for an item, select Embedded Mobile File Templateat the end of the row. You can pick the item from a different location. The newly selected inventory item is soft allocated to your shipment when you click OK.
  10. To ship the items, click Ship All.
  11. To cancel out of the express shipment, click Cancel. SmartTurn asks, "Are you sure...?" If you click "Yes", a confirmation message indicates that you have cancelled out of the shipment. The shipment remains in Saved status and can be permanently cancelled by logging in to the SmartTurn desktop application.

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